Elliptical trainer for weight loss the secret of success!
  As you know, cardio exercises are excellent for remove fat, therefore, to lose weight and change shape. And among the "rocking" can also be found a lot of good…

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Training to compete in bodybuilding.
  With the first part took about two weeks, maybe even a little more! During this time I progressed, but not as much as I would like. I still have…

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How to choose shoes for fitness


Home “Fitness articles” How to choose shoes for fitness?

In recent years, more attention is paid to sports, he did say coming into fashion, along with the healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits. Propaganda and the movement of the sport to the masses, we observe how the speed of light grow new gyms and fitness centers. With the acquisition of the subscription, you are confronted with a new problem –what kind of shoes and clothing is best to choose for sports?

If with clothes all more or less just – natural materials, comfort and proper fit, shoes the situation is more complicated.

Often women choose a sports attire on the principle of “to be nice and hide flaws”, while men “to be comfortable and not look cheap.”


Rules for the selection of clothes and shoes for fitness

Rules when choosing clothes and shoes are about the same, but still need to know the intricacies of the correct choice.

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Buy a treadmill for the house in the online store


Our online sports store Sportaim presents a wide range of treadmills from the best manufacturers of trainers.

Treadmill for home – it is a great replacement Jogging in the morning. In crowded cities, where it is difficult to find a place for Jogging, treadmills are just salvation. Maintaining yourself in good shape, improvement of the cardiovascular system, the ability to shed those extra few pounds and this is not a complete list of benefits you get when

buying a treadmill. The price varies from the requirements and functional equipment. The entire range of treadmills is divided into mechanical and electrical. All, without exception, there is a digital control system. Indicators of heart rate, running speed, distance covered and calories burned enable you to monitor the progress of each workout. Today, treadmills for the home take up little space, bringing Continue reading

Elliptical trainer



Elliptical trainers are cardio machines. They are a cross between their counterparts (the Steppers and treadmills) and at the same time have other additional functions.

Like any other cardio machine, ellipsoid simulator helps in the first place, strengthening the cardiovascular system, improve the work of respiratory and intensive burning of fat. And also increase the stamina. An elliptical trainer is ideal even for people in age and have suffered injury. All this is achieved while sparing the joints.

Features ellipticaltrainer

The main feature of elliptical trainers is that they provide an elliptical path of motion of the pedals, providing the ability to perform movements both forward and backward. Exercising on it have a comprehensive impact on the majority of muscle groups (gastrocnemius, hip, spinal, thoracic), lower total body mass and improving body tone. Continue reading