How to lose weight in the workplace.
  Earlier on the radio in the middle of the day passed a special program "gymnastics". It was specifically designed to allow people to perform a simple exercise, not leaving…

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Reduce the effects of stress through physical activity
  Once in a stressful situation, the person receives a "clamp" — area of tension in the mind, which then can be projected on the body. A large number of…

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Elliptical trainer for weight loss the secret of success!


As you know, cardio exercises are excellent for remove fat, therefore, to lose weight and change shape. And among the “rocking” can also be found a lot of good that will provide a good load.

Very popular option that really deserves attention is the elliptical trainer for weight loss. With it you can pull the figure just a couple of weeks. Will tell you about the elliptical trainer detail!

Many argue that this inventory – everything to lose weight, that is, it affects all muscles: thighs, calves, the muscles of the arms, the press and even the spinal. So, if engaged correctly and to choose a good elliptical trainer for losing weight!


There are several that significantly differ among themselves by price, by function, the effectiveness of the workout.

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How to choose a treadmill


Of all the sports of running and walking are the most natural, the most approximate to the nature of man. Perhaps, this may explain the popularity of treadmills among people who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

High demand for this type of simulator satisfy many manufacturers. From the variety of models sold in sports shops, dazzled: Kettler, Horizon, Torneo, Vision Fitness, Johnson, Atemi, Winner, WNQ, Sport House, Steel Flex, LifeFitness, Treo Fitness, SteelFlex.

If You decide to buy a treadmill. but don’t know which model to prefer, then I hope this article will help You make the right choice.

To understand what exercise is to the greatest extent meets Your needs, it makes sense to answer the following questions.

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How to choose a treadmill?


Treadmill is the most popular trainer from the group of cardio. Workouts on treadmills help to strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system, develop core muscles, fast to lose weight. In their principle of action of treadmills can be of two types: mechanical and electric drive.

Motorized treadmill

– resistance of the tape.


– A relatively high price.

Built-in computer tracks has the following possibilities:

• measurement of STI soon the movement of the athlete;

• measure heart rate of the athlete;

• simulate cross-country run;

• create individual training programmes;

• large selection of preset workout programs: speed, aerobic treatment”.

Security system

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