Fitness For Women Is A Healthy Way Of Life
  Of course, every woman wants to have a beautiful figure, to preserve youthfulness, attractiveness. However, many women find that crucial in creating and maintaining a good figure is only…

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We do exercises in the workplace
  Change forgotten since the days of the Soviet Union physical activities comes to corporate fitness. Large companies can assist their employees that "charging", not skimping on costs: invite coaches,…

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How to lose weight in the workplace.


Earlier on the radio in the middle of the day passed a special program “gymnastics”. It was specifically designed to allow people to perform a simple exercise, not leaving your machine or desktop

If you have the most time to spend at work, night really hard to force yourself to do. So try to allocate a few minutes for a clumsy gymnastics during the working day. It will not only encourage you but also relieve fatigue tense muscles. Regular exercise will help you lose weight

Fitness at the office, like any other training should begin with a warm-up. The best option — to go up and down stairs or walk a few times along the corridor. Now take a break from work and do some exercises using peroksisomami.

1. Exercise will help to lose fat on thighs In a sitting position with the knee should be pressed against each other. Put your hands on office chair on both sides, at the level of mid-thigh. Overcoming the resistance of the hands, press down on them, spreading to the side of the knee, you will need to strain the muscles as much as possible for several seconds, then relax. Do 20 repetitions

2. Exercises for the abdominals, hips and back . Sit on a chair closer to the edge, feet together, elbows were pressed against each other. Be sure to keep your Back straight. Straighten the Legs alternately, sock pull. Exercises to do while in the muscles appears a slight burning sensation. Optional exercise can do more complicated: both unbend your leg, with the knee should be together.

3. The exercise trains the front of the thigh and buttocks Sit as close as possible to the edge of the chair and bend your trunk forward. Hands down, struggling to squeeze your buttocks and lift up a little on the chair. Hold this position for several seconds, then drop down into place. Do 12-15 reps

4. The exercise trains the posterior surface of the thigh . Feet under the table should be shoulder width apart, if you wear shoes with high heels, they are better off. Hold back straight, stomach muscles be sure to tighten. Push heels alternately right and left foot on the forgery, I hold the a few seconds. Make 10 times for each leg

5. The exercise trains inner thighs . Hold between the knees of a small rubber ball, or just fists. Squeeze the ball with your legs up until my feet get tired

6. Exercise for training the chest Department . Sit on the edge of an office chair, brace both hands on the armrests of the chair so that the forearm and hand was on top of him surface, with the back straight. Evenly squeeze elbows, trying to pull up the seat to him. Do exercise for 15-20 reps, muscle tension hold not less than 5 seconds

7. The exercise trains the lower part of the belly ( abdomen) . Sit on a chair, uprites hands behind, legs connect together. On the exhale lift the legs bent at the knees, keep your back straight. Complete 30 reps

In conclusion take note of a few tips. Fitness at the office is best for lunch, somewhere in the middle of a busy day. And in any case do not eat immediately after exercising: it is known that physical activity increases the appetite, so you will want to eat something extra

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