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About food for runners


I’ve been wanting to write about food for runners, I have managed to get a lot of links and notes about this, but not enough time as all obrabotat, translate. And do not want an all in one recording pass. So I will post in parts.

Since I’m a vegetarian, and in the last six months seems to have vegan a weak bias in the raw food diet, and I have a point of view on kind of


Victoria Boutenko calls it fear of dissatisfaction: fruits and vegetables I will not saturate, I don’t hear from them enough pleasure and satisfaction, I’m not happy.. I see it in colleagues. are painful every meal think b is there to eat, where to go for lunch to eat, and where to dine, Ah, I can’t go there, there’s not tasty.

Enough for me snacks every few hours (sorry, if I absolutely-no more than 6 hours do not eat anything and only drink water, I’m a little uncomfortable). But the food I’m as package of calories in a visual form. That does not negate until curiosity to Indian cooking 😉

Now, running only ordered my relationship with food, I began to understand better not only when I’m really hungry, and when not, so I still feel, how much better to eat as much as you need to be physically active. This is the balance. Balance =)

I thought I didn’t have enough calories after running I was so listless. At first I thought that it’s overtraining, and then I began to think about what I eat after the races. Usually I come home, do some stretching, take a shower and get ready for work, and then eat Breakfast. That is at least an hour from the end of one Jogging before eating took place. Now I try to eat within a half hour after the end of the run, and it was much better. So I advise you to swallow something carbohydrate and protein within half an hour upon returning home. And by the way, if you ever had gipoglikemii, it makes sense to eat fractionally small meals throughout the day.

Many believe that before the race on the night it feels full. This is wrong! Don’t eat before the race. Instead, immediately after the race, drink a smoothie with protein, eat tomorrow for 45 minutes after the end of the race, preferably with carbohydrates. For example – oatmeal, bread from wheat flour, brown rice or quinoa.

Translation of the article

Diet and Exercise to the Extremes – about training and diet ultramarathons Scott Jurica.

One cool morning I went for a run with Scott Corecom, 4 mile on a circular track in Central Park. Then Scott ran several miles with a group of his fans, and then there’s Niccolo miles by itself, has turned out to be 15 miles. After the shower he came to visit me for lunch, just before the planned run another 10 miles in the afternoon.

For Scott, being spermatagonial in my 36 years, is a “lazy curve”. On the one hand, since the victory in Spartathlon 2008, he showed exceptional results, and seemingly a bit slowed down. In that race he set his personal record: it was the third consecutive victory at the distance of 153 miles between Athens and Sparta, and Scott belong 5e, 6E and 8E is the best time in the history of this race.

And if last year he has not proihodilo any special events, it is prepared in hassamu race – the World Championships in Brive-La-Gaillard, France. This is a very complex competition: the winner is the one that will run the longest distance in a vicious circle 1.4 km in 24 hours

Note: Scott received a silver medal for the race in 24 hours, he ran 165,7 miles, losing only one member, Shingo Inoue. from Japan, running 170,07 miles.

Scott has a distinctive trait that distinguishes him from the crowd of other athletes: he’s a vegan, don’t use animal products.

Yes, in a great many other sport athletes-vegans. but usually it is difficult to imagine such a way of life, provided training with running 140 miles a week, and more “short” races of 40 miles and interval training that includes multiple repetitions of running uphill for 3 miles, and everything is reducible to compete in races at more than 100 miles, sometimes in the parched deserts or ice, or in the mountains.

But Scott looks brilliantly. High, he is head and shoulders above the usual marathoners, but he’s not skinny, he shines a smile and endless energy. A few hours after the morning of the race he pulls out of my fridge all that can be useful for cooking: vegetables, herbs, miso, tofu, olives, onions, lemon, peanut butter, and more.

Cattle perfectly wielded a kitchen knife and he has great culinary taste, he cooks for me and for his girlfriend, Jenny ENISA, the designer of the brand “Patagonia” (Sponsor Scott is mark Brook Sports). As a result on the table is a Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and seaweed; a stew of vegetables, tofu, miso and paste of cashew nuts served with boiled grains “quinoa”

Where he learned to cook? And, what is most interesting is how he survives on such a diet? In the end, I tell him, none of, though not elite, but still marathoners, running through Central Park, does not adhere to such a strict training schedule as he is, and with all this, they sometimes complain that they lack energy even though they eat animal products.

– That’s all it is, ” answers Scott, is in obtaining a sufficient number of calories. It’s not what you eat but how much. You need to sit down and think about exactly how much calories for you. And if you vegetarianas, respectively, and need to increase the amount of calories increasing difficulties in training. Veganism is not a restrictive diet, it simply excludes certain things.

Jurek grew up in ProCare, in Minnesota, and during his life he ate and biscuits, and canned food, and enough fast-thoracic food. When his mother, Lynn, showed sclerosis (she died in the spring of 2010), he and his brothers and sisters began to prepare themselves, but the food, as he himself says, “was accordingly American meat and potatoes”. In College he improved my way of eating, because, as he says, he “saw how diseases arise from lifestyle”. He began to eat simple food, eating what people ate thousands of years”. First he ate less meat, more fish, then after all just stopped to eat and dairy products, and animal products in General.

“All these conventions exist only in our heads,” he says, and he is clearly not paying attention. He says he need from 5 000 to 8 000 calories a day

And I have enough plant foods to do this. It is not difficult at all. I like to eat, and I don’t really need to worry about weight. All I need is food, rich in carbohydrates with a sufficient portion of protein and fat.

He says that he likes to buy, cook food, and to chew. It seems to me that he eats slower than anyone I have ever met. And I think that he is at the table is the same as on the road – he just doesn’t stop.

He eats 3 times a day mostly. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This can be and smoothies in 1 000 calories with butter, almond nuts, bananas, blueberries, salt, vanilla, coconut meat, a couple of dates and rice protein. If he’s not going on a long run (and for him it’s 50 miles), after he eats his first training day. At lunch and dinner – huge salads, grains,potatoes and sweet potatoes, and legumes in combination with tofu.

“I don’t think it’s weird,” he says, “consider – years 300 – 400 ago meat was used only in exceptional cases, and the rest of the time people are just engaged in heavy physical labor. And, you know, all the runners over long distances during the race become vegan simply because at the same time to escape and digest fat and proteins.

Here I will stop the end of the article – the list of regalia Scott =)

Say, Scott is currently working on a book about nutrition for runners (vegan!) =)

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