IOO cedar power to increase strength, endurance male athletes
Pine nuts, nuts, cedar oil, fatty acids, omega, vitamins, antioxidants, dietary SUPPLEMENTS, supplements, vision improvement, women's health, immunity, essential amino acids The use of natural IOO "cedar power" to increase…

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Children's sports-game complexes
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Regular exercise for the body


fInterestingly, the human body is designed for constant physical activity. If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, his muscles are very weak. For example, the astronauts due to sedentary way of life, bones become brittle, high blood pressure, and weaken the muscles naturally.

At any age need physical activity. It brings great benefit to the entire body. Strengthen muscles and joints, improves posture, increases stamina, add additional forces of the body. Especially important physical activity for those who have problems with osteoarthritis, and arthritis. If the

muscles are in a poor state, to bone useful and necessary vitamins, minerals and other substances just will not come, poor muscle block such access to the bones and cartilage of the joints. Sport also contributes to the functioning of all internal organs. Good mood, cheerfulness, joy in life, almost directly associated with regular exercise. Indeed, regular physical exercise for the body is very necessary.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

Increases the strength of the bone tissue; pumped muscles; strengthens joints; improves the function of the lungs and heart; enhances immune system; relieves stress; out weight; decreases cholesterol;

Therefore, regular load preserve health and increase the strength of the organism. Important different types of physical activity. Different forms of physical culture affects flexibility, strength, endurance, posture. Before proceeding to any classroom learn what they sent.

Talk about power exercises. Thanks to intensive force loads the body becomes fitter, stronger and more powerful. Strength training is very important as without them the body will weaken, and will not have the strength and mood to cope with different difficulties.

Inflated muscles strengthen joints. Good muscles, corrects posture. Any sport creates strain on bones and muscles. Before you start cardio training, you need to build muscle, to avoid the strong pressure on the bones.

Flexibility and mobility with the years lost. To avoid this regularly engage in those exercises that help to preserve the elasticity and flexibility of soft tissues. Often working, we are in the same position, which decreases entire body tone. Therefore stretching exercises are very necessary, they will restore mobility and flexibility.

Aerobic exercise will establish the heart and improve the access of blood to all organs. Increased breathing will saturate the blood with oxygen, and oxygen is doing a great work in the body, because it nourishes the cells of the necessary nutrients. Also aerobic exercise increases the endurance of the entire body. These include running, fast walking, dancing, etc.

Remember, however, all necessary measure. Balanced load will make the body resistant to various infections, which are daily attacking our body. Reduces the risk of Contracting cancer. Increasingly we hear that aerobic and power load was cured of a complex disease. This is because the lymph, directs immune cells in diseased organs. Sport is not only useful for physical health, but for emotional. Stress attack every day, and the physical exertion it takes. If there is depression, exercise will help here. With loads secreted in the brain serotonin and dopamine, a substance which is not enough to those who are suffering from depression. Therefore, the sport improves mood and relieves depression.

If you want to lose weight, you need to know about nutrition during training. In the classroom it is important to follow a proper diet aimed at weight loss. Even training will not help you if you are daily will consume large amount of calories. Workout will help you lose weight in that case, if every day you will eat 500 calories less than your body requires normal.

When training, you must follow these rules:

1. More protein foods;

2. On training days average number of carbs, in the days when no training – eat very little carbohydrates;

3. Eliminate simple carbohydrates-sugar, white flour, rice, potatoes, etc.

4. After 18,00 no carbohydrates, including fruit.

Protein diet will cause the body to burn extra fat. Be careful that your chosen diet is not slow metabolism.

What is so dangerous simple carbohydrates? They are very easily deposited in our body as fat. Therefore these carbs avoid at all costs.

Why cardio workouts to do in the morning is best? If you dined protein products and vegetables, at night, the body will use glycogen, which went for the day. On the morning of glycogen will remain quite small, so the body for energy bude to use up fat reserves. What we really wanted.

How to lose weight? The best way – this is to alternate or combine cardio and strength training. Strength training strengthens muscle mass, and muscle in turn will burn fat.

We should not over-burden yourself. If you penetrantes, we will be feeling bad physically and mentally. For effective weight loss you need proper diet, cardio and weight training, that is all in the complex. If your deficit will be 500 calories then in a week you can lose 1 kg of fat. If you want more, then do deficit at 750-800 calories. Remember, you should not consume less than 1200 calories a day.

Our body is not able to quickly lose weight. So no need to be angry at him. Much better to go for their goals slowly but surely. Do not expect instant result. As we have said, the weight loss is influenced by many different factors. So stop dreaming of a beautiful figure. Start to work, and soon the result will surprise you!