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Sport and a healthy lifestyle. Sport health and beauty. Choose favorite sport.


Sport and a healthy lifestyle. Sport health and beauty

We all know from childhood that the movement is life, motion – healthy life. Most modern women are relatively calm and even a sedentary lifestyle. Proper and healthy diet alone cannot provide for the health and beauty of our body. Help comes to us sports. Daily exercise is a key factor for health and beauty. Make sport enjoyable, you need to choose the

right classes, and the sport will bring the health of not only the body but also the soul.

Playing sports, eat only a light meal. For example: fruit, yoghurt, cheese. Everything else weighs heavy in my stomach, tired and even when you are Jogging can cause tingling in my side. Beauty and health will bring you regular exercise. At the time of exercise, the skin is better supplied with blood, the muscles tense, you have a better posture. The circulation increases, metabolism is stimulated, you not only improves health, but also added beauty. If when climbing a ladder you can’t breathe, so urgently needed to exercise to be in shape.

Choose favorite sport

First of all decide what sport gives you the most pleasure. Best cosmetic for women — swimming. It “works” it is important for women parts of the body: shoulders, chest, stomach and hips and makes a true miracle. Through regular competitive swimming (twice a week several times to swim there and back on the water track), tight muscles stretch and take shape. Swimming is good as a sports training even for those who consider themselves “awkward”. Power consumption: 600 calories per hour. By the way: you can not remove makeup, but rather, use water-resistant.

Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, useful for Hiking, camping trips. But not on paved roads. The best for the muscles of the feet and legs — hilly terrain with soft trails. Amateurs can overcome a day up to 30 km away And the beautiful place you are moving, the easier it will seem a walk. Power consumption: 200 to 400 calories per hour. Important tip for hikers: wear, going on a hike, a long-sleeved shirt: sun marking on his hands look ugly.

Running warm-up pace or Jogging will benefit you only if you will be running in a steady rhythm. The average range is about 4 km away. Try to run this route for half an hour. Regular Jogging increases endurance, promotes deep breathing and circulation, and relieves mental stress. It influences the figure: strengthens and straightens the legs and reduces overly thick buttocks. Jogging does not force any achievements, it is also suitable for people who are not sports. But substitute any other sport or gymnastics, he can’t. Power consumption: 800 to 1000 calories per hour.

Very useful for health and beauty of Cycling. When you are pedaling, improves circulation and metabolism, strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Slight lifting you notice how the whole body is working. Biking is an excellent workout for the acquisition of good form. Energy consumption: 300 to 600 calories per hour!

One of the easiest means to save the form — jumping rope. This is the perfect alternative for anyone who does not have hunting to do gymnastics. While rainy days can replace Jogging. Jumping rope is a perfect training of the body: the heart beats more often, increases circulation. Five minutes a day this sport is quite sufficient load. And another thing: do you jump forward or backward or sliding feet — it does not matter.

Tennis is much more elegant than the game in a white skirt. It will require a lot of effort. You will have to continuously take place, to run and stop, hit the ball with the racket. This sport is useful for the muscles of the legs, to maintain a good body shape and composure. Beginners should first practice with a coach. Energy consumption: from 100 up to 600 calories per hour. Equipment: racket, balls, sports shoes.

And for ball games, similar to tennis (squash), you’ll need special shoes with thick soles and soft back, rackets and balls. Squash will make you move, to react quickly (you are not playing alone and you have to run to get a small ball, which you and your partner are alternately sent to the wall). On the whole body while dropping a big load, you sweat, breathe and feel completely exhausted. Great job in this sport perform his feet, and thanks to the regular training of the leg muscles become supple and beautiful.

For sports complex is not suitable makeup. It is better to use a touch-tone day cream.

In the winter sports on ice and snow. The pleasure of a special kind gives the skating. The energy here is relatively small, but the posture and balance are improved noticeably. To learn how to skate and everyone can, but doing even the most simple shapes will require long exercise and rest on your laurels. Energy consumption: 300 to 600 calories per hour. Equipment: boots with skates, you can rent them and hire.

Skiing is a sport that can engage everyone. When you quickly go skiing, the whole body, as in swimming, moving in a natural rhythm. Breathing grows deeper, the skin is better supplied with blood, you have a better posture. Power consumption: 400 to 600 calories per hour. What to do if you have any muscle pain: soak for half an hour in warm water or take a hot bath. Better yet, go to the sauna. Muscle pain often arise from the deposits of lactic acid and by sweating it washed out.