Recuperate after trening
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Recovery after trenirovki
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Running in the evenings


After watching the transfer of “Extreme makeover” (Extreme Weight Loss), I noticed that the people who started to lose weight with 300, 200 kg. ran! And think about this… what if I try? To run in the mornings I don’t want and started looking for info about running in the evenings.

Here’s what I found.

Running in the evenings, not less useful than Jogging in the morning.

Running is good, as it increases various metabolic processes and enriches the cells of our body with oxygen, which is very good.

Running in the evenings includes a lot of pros, and no cons. However, running in the morning too, no minuses. If you choose run in the evenings, then you need to decide on the time, and not to run too late, as the closer to the night, the weaker becomes our body. Also, for Jogging in the evening, you need to choose the safe route — the less cars the better. If near are no cars, you can wear headphones. Advised to avoid Jogging at a time when it was already dark, as you can easily twist an ankle.

The bad news is that in the evening the air a lot of dust which was raised by the cars, but, it doesn’t matter if your route away from roads. During the evening run more fat loss than muscle mass, but many are mistaken in believing that the morning run itself makes “melt” muscle mass. If in the morning to eat, and only then to run, then muscle loss will not. Of course, you need to run immediately after eating.

Running in the morning or evening?

It is better to choose — running in the morning or evening? Think you can answer this question because the answer depends on your biorhythm, and not from anything else. In General, running in the morning or evening, do not differ from each other, but people are different. There are larks and owls have. Larks, as you know, we get up early, and the person with the corresponding biorhythm, can without much psychological difficulties Jogging. “Owl” might have to get up early, go for a run, and then go to bed again, as not enough sleep. Basically, in the dream, after running there is nothing wrong, but why go on… No need to rape in this plan — listen to your body.

And yet, if not to rest in biorhythms, running in the morning or evening? Well, what can I say. In the evening, after work or school we can sit back and relax, since we have free time. But why do all sorts of stupid things (rest when…) if you can run. We don’t need to toss and turn for 10 minutes in bed, forcing himself to stand up and permanently disable an alarm clock. We don’t even need to exercise willpower to lift. In the evening we are free, and are free to manage your time as you wish. Evening running is psychologically much easier as disappear some factors of resistance.

Clearly, if you start running, proper nutrition and fitness is not canceled, for me to try to start running it as a beginning.

What do you think about this? Someone runs in the evenings? How are you? Are there some secrets to running?