IOO cedar power to increase strength, endurance male athletes
Pine nuts, nuts, cedar oil, fatty acids, omega, vitamins, antioxidants, dietary SUPPLEMENTS, supplements, vision improvement, women's health, immunity, essential amino acids The use of natural IOO "cedar power" to increase…

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Doctors do not recommend to run with headphones and drink immediately after workout
  There is a perception that the person running, not only feet, but also your heart and lungs. In order to saturate the body with oxygen, our lungs have to…

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How to choose a treadmill?


Treadmill is the most popular trainer from the group of cardio. Workouts on treadmills help to strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system, develop core muscles, fast to lose weight. In their principle of action of treadmills can be of two types: mechanical and electric drive.

Motorized treadmill

– resistance of the tape.


– A relatively high price.

Built-in computer tracks has the following possibilities:

• measurement of STI soon the movement of the athlete;

• measure heart rate of the athlete;

• simulate cross-country run;

• create individual training programmes;

• large selection of preset workout programs: speed, aerobic treatment”.

Security system

All treadmills with electric drive is equipped with a special security key. During training, one end of the cord is attached to the security key and the other to the belt of the athlete. In case of a sudden fall of man the walking belt is stopped immediately. This system makes activities as safe as possible. Some machines have sensors that replace the cord.

Features treadmills

Foldable design. This is a feature that can’t be missed when choosing. The possibility to add a simulator that allows you to not take up much space in the room. Treadmill walking belt for home use rises and is fixed by means of gas or oil closers – lifts. Additional clamps to hold the belt in raised form.

The presence of the transporting wheels. With transportation wheels or rollers You will easily be able to move the carpet in the room and hide in the absence of training in any location. Conveying rollers are only active when the treadmill is folded. If the track is in working condition, the rollers are not active.

Floor level compensation. The Adjusters that are installed in the supports of the machine and help to align the machine on the floor. The level compensation possible swing trainer with uneven coverage.

The ground under the running belt deck. DECA takes the pounding of feet on the canvas during exercise. Externally is a smooth plate and different size. DECA affect the comfort for Your feet during long workouts. The optimum thickness of the soundboard: 1.5 – 2 cm, for running and walking: 2 – 2.5 cm.

The power of the engine (when the electric treadmill). Most often, treadmills for home use are the motors from 1 to 2.5 horsepower. Treadmill for commercial use (gyms and fitness rooms) has an electric motor with an index of up to 5 horsepower.

The cushioning system the treadmill – helps to reduce stress on your joints that occurs during running and walking. Cushioning absorbs shock. Itself shock absorbing suspension placed under the deck of the treadmill.

The angle of elevation of the walking belt. The more the options of changing the angle of inclination (in degrees) the better for the trainee. The angle of inclination can simulate uphill, or to create a surface rough terrain that affects the level of the load during walking or running.

The maximum weight of the user. Treadmills differ in such parameters as the maximum weight of the user. So, on one track, a man can have no more than 100 kg, while the other allows you to train the person with a weight of over 100 kg. the stronger frame of the simulator – the greater the weight of such a path may take.

Frame holds the whole design of the treadmill and is its basis. There are several types of frames: aluminum (in the more expensive machines) and steel (cheaper treadmills). Trainers with aluminium frames will last longer. Such frames reduce weight.

The dimensions of the walking belt. Choosing a treadmill is one of the most important criteria that you need to pay attention. Walking belt differ in width, length, and material. If the track is purchased for a person of small stature and with a sweeping step, then the treadmill may be small in size. The standard size walking belt that is suitable for people of different height: 39 cm wide and 121 – 138 cm in length. The treadmill consists of several layers. What their number is more – the more convenient and comfortable will undergo training and the more effective the result.

The speed of the walking belt. From this indicator depends on the effectiveness of training. The maximum permissible rate of speed in modern treadmills – 16 km/h (for home treadmills) and 25 km/h for commercial use. The higher the speed, the greater the number of load levels during exercise. During rehabilitation after serious illnesses and injuries, it is very important that the track had minimum velocity of 0.5 to 0.8 km/h.

Control panel (onboard computer). On the screen that is attached to the treadmill is more expensive, You will be able to see the result of your training, such as: the time spent energy in watts, pulse, speed, calories. Using the computer, You can choose the required options workout level and speed.

Types of screens for treadmills:

– LCD display with backlighting for convenience in low light;

– touch screen for quick menu access.

The size and weight of the treadmill. The size of the treadmill has different indicators: in folded and unfolded form. Choosing a track, be sure to pay attention to these indicators, considering the future location of the simulator. The weight of the treadmill is also different, depending on the material of which it is made. As indicated above, it is easier than all those tracks that have an aluminum frame. The maximum weight of the treadmill up to 160 kg.

Additional hardware. There are already several models of treadmills that have a vibrating massagers. They are a band structure fixed during your workout to the body and fixed on the simulator.

Care treadmill. For long life paths, it is necessary to lubricate the deck once a season and clean the engine from dust using a standard vacuum cleaner (once a month). Frame if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.