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How to lose weight in the workplace

How to lose weight in the workplace?

If you’re reading this, then you want to lose weight. Many sources of information telling me that if you choose sport as a means to vent excess pounds, you need to do regularly, every day. But not everyone will be able to get up early in the morning to do exercises or strain your body after a hard day. Of course, it’s a matter of will power and it needs to be trained, but we present to you a small series of exercises that you can perform on the job. They are not too difficult but quite effective, if you follow the main rule – regularity! Kind of gymnastics will not take much time and will not only lose weight but also to invigorate the body, and

this is important for the productivity of labor.

As with any training, office should begin with a warm-up. You can walk around the office, climb a couple of floors above, descend and then rise again, etc. by Itself, the walk up the stairs promotes weight loss, from the elevators so it is advisable to refuse.

Well, you did the warm-up? Now it’s time to proceed directly to the exercises:

1. The first exercise will help you cope with the most common problem is the fat on your thighs.

To perform this exercise you will need a standard office chair. Sit on it so that your knees are pressed against each other, and the hands place on the level of the mid thigh. Now raise your knees to the side, stifled the resistance of the hands. Try as much as possible to stretch the leg muscles for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times.

2. The second exercise is designed again for the hips, abdominal muscles and back.

As in previous times sit on a chair, keeping your knees together. You will need to sit on the edge, and the back must be straight. All you need is to stretch his legs, female sock to the side. When muscles some slight burning, exercise can be completed, and if it seems too easy, we will complicate the task: keeping the knees together, straighten both legs at once.

3. Attractive buttocks and smooth front surface of the thigh – the result of the third exercise.

Sitting on the crust of the chair, lean slightly forward. Dropping his hands down, would you sit up straining buttocks as much as possible. To stay in this state should be a couple of seconds, then relax and return to its original position.

4. And now came the turn to train the hamstring.

If you wear high heel shoes, at the time of the exercise, remove them. Place feet under the table, put them up on there shoulder width apart. Tighten the abdominal muscles, not forgetting the back straight. The essence of the exercise is to alternately push the heels into the floor, as usual keeping the voltage within a few seconds. The number of repetitions to 10 times for each leg.

5. The inner surface of the thigh.

Pinch between your knees fist (if so, are these little rubber ball), the maximum straining legs, up to the moment until you get tired.

6. The time came for the chest.

He sat on the edge of the chair, grasp the handle so that the hand and forearm were on its surface. As in previous times, do not forget about the back straight. Straight back is the key to the effectiveness of any exercise in General. Try like to draw the arms of the chair to himself, squeezing elbows about 5 seconds at the maximum voltage. It is enough to repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.

7. Abdominals.

Sitting on a chair and with feet together, lean behind him. Lift the knees bent legs at least 30 times, not forgetting the smooth back. Recipes Coupons online