We do exercises in the workplace
  Change forgotten since the days of the Soviet Union physical activities comes to corporate fitness. Large companies can assist their employees that "charging", not skimping on costs: invite coaches,…

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5 reasons to start doing morning exercises
  The benefits of the body to exercise, it is difficult to overestimate. However, despite the awareness of this issue, supporters of regular physical exercise in the morning are units.…

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The body adapts to physical nagruzke

Probably no one would argue that the main source of energy for humans is food, especially carbohydrates. But scientists have proved that water is also able to produce energy, and that the underestimation of the simple clean water as an energy source is one of the main reasons for accumulation of fat. Moreover, each of our cells are 80% water, and since water is involved in almost all of the physical processes in the body, it would be logical to assume that its reserves are constantly depleting. That is why it is so important to upgrade it.


The usual 1.5 liters of water a day is a very conditional. Actually, the amount of fluid needed by the body each person is different and is made 30ml. of water per 1 kg of weight. That is, if a person weighs 50 kg on the day he should drink 1.5 liters of water. The concept of “water” in this case includes only simple pure water (juice, mineral water, other soft drinks, tea, coffee… All that is not water).

But drink enough liquid every day is not so easy as it seems at first glance, and you can verify this by trying to adhere to such a regime just a couple of days. The first time, for example, and I got to drink a 200 ml. per day, and in order to move forward, I had to force myself to get used to the water, to feel its necessity and to see improvements in the body. But now I can’t imagine my morning without 0.5 liters of clean water with a slice of lemon. But after learning about the qualities she possesses, as well as noting its beneficial effect on the body, to perform the established norm in 1.5 liters becomes much easier.


drinking water promotes weight loss, breaking down fat side products. She “washes away” from the body of all food debris. So if I really really want to eat something like chocolate, I know that subsequently the water will greatly help my body to liberate themselves from harmful

– our brain is 90% water and the first to react to its shortage. His reaction is manifested as fatigue, mental fatigue and even headaches. Feeling these symptoms, do not rush to take pills, better go to the kitchen for another glass of water. But if you have a long work, say, at the computer, put on the table a bottle of pure water and SIP throughout the working day.

– if your body will be constantly thirsty, you will look older than their age because the skin, being the largest organ in our body, actively respond to the lack of liquid. Water fills the tissue of the skin, thereby wetting it, making it firm and elastic. Thus, wrinkles are not afraid of those who drink sufficient amounts of water daily.

water cleanses the body and reduces the effect of toxins, and the immune system gets more freedom of action to combat viruses and bacteria. Thus, drinking plenty of water per day, you get sick less often. In addition, if the body lacks water for cleaning itself from toxins, your heart is taken to work actively to pump cells with additional oxygen. And the more the heart works, the faster you “get tired” of the other organs and the whole body

– during sleep, water intake, but consumed. So a glass of water after waking up will restore your water balance and trigger the body “in the work”

water regulates body temperature. This means that during sports and other physical activities, you will feel more fresh and energetic. In addition, the water nourishes the muscles and make them supple, helping to produce natural lubrication. This helps protect from cramps and sprains.

– water moves to the cells nutrients. Only with its participation digested water-soluble vitamins, for example vitamin C and all b vitamins

– water does not contain calories. Pleasant to drink her, aware of this fact 🙂


Use of water is not the case that more is better. Certainly, many of you know firsthand about the excess water in the body. Yes, unfortunately, this happens even though the reason may be not drinking water in excess, and the use of large quantities of, for example, salt.

By the way, from excessive moisture in the body can help water again. When water in the body receives little, or if the fluid in the body is delayed (drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks contribute to this), the body feels this deficit and begins to “store” water in itself. This water is stored in extracellular areas. As a result, your code looks limp and swollen.

Thus, the best option for a person who strives to be healthy, slender and fresh, will calculate their daily rate of consumption of water and stick with it