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How to choose a treadmill


Of all the sports of running and walking are the most natural, the most approximate to the nature of man. Perhaps, this may explain the popularity of treadmills among people who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

High demand for this type of simulator satisfy many manufacturers. From the variety of models sold in sports shops, dazzled: Kettler, Horizon, Torneo, Vision Fitness, Johnson, Atemi, Winner, WNQ, Sport House, Steel Flex, LifeFitness, Treo Fitness, SteelFlex.

If You decide to buy a treadmill. but don’t know which model to prefer, then I hope this article will help You make the right choice.

To understand what exercise is to the greatest extent meets Your needs, it makes sense to answer the following questions.

What should be the treadmill? For walking, running or Jogging?

The answer to this question will help you choose a treadmill, suitable for You in the speed limit. If Your goal is to run, then You need a track that you can move with a maximum speed of 16 km/h. Some of the machines have a top speed of and to 18, 20 km/hour, however, for most runners 16 km/h will be enough.

For Jogging (Jogging) suit simulator with speed limit 10 km/h and to walk 6-7 km/h.

From will You on the track to walk or run, just depends on the size of the walking belt track. For Jogging suit trainers with a minimum length of the canvas 127 cm

Who will use the treadmill?

All treadmills have a weight limit of user (for example, 90 kg, 110 kg, 135 kg). In this respect, it is advisable to buy a treadmill “with reserve”, i.e. if, for example, the user’s weight is 90 kg, we purchased a treadmill should not be calculated at 90 kg and 100 kg.

So too is the growth of the user of the simulator. The higher runner (Walker), the longer must be the treadmill. Please keep in mind that testing the model in the store. If the length of the track is enough for You, not the fact that it will be more convenient stalwart member of Your family included in the number of happy users of the simulator.

Where it will be treadmill?

Before heading to the store for purchase, be sure to select a place in Your apartment or house where You put the simulator. Estimate how much of the precious space You can allocate to the treadmill. Then compare its size with the size of models sold. For reference: electric treadmill, on average, has a 160 cm length, 75 cm width and 140 cm in height. More compact motorized treadmill, respectively, 122 cm, 57 cm and 128 cm

When buying an electric treadmill you should also note that near the alleged location of the treadmill should be the outlet.

If You are low on space, you may want to pay attention to folding treadmills. However, they are considered less reliable in comparison with stationary exercise equipment.

If You plan to transfer a trainer foldable design after training in the other place, then, choosing one in the store, don’t forget to check how comfortable it is to move.

What kind of will a treadmill?

Treadmills come in three types: mechanical, magnetic and electrical.

Motorized treadmill

The cheapest ones are motorized treadmill. Mechanical treadmill consists of a cloth spanned by two rotating rollers. Muscle strength of Your legs leads to the movement of the fabric – it rotates while You run. The running speed depends on You, which corresponds to the run in the wild.

At the same time, the efforts of the user of the simulator on the rotation of the blade creates an additional load on the legs, making unwanted training on mechanical tracks for people with foot problems (such as diseases and injuries of the knee, varicose veins, etc.).

In favor of mechanical treadmill says the low price and compactness. In addition, it is economical, because it consumes electricity.

Its disadvantages include low efficiency of training, since the rotation speed of the walking belt slows as fatigue foot runner (Walker). In other words, mechanical track does not allow you to keep the intensity of the load at the same level throughout the workout.

In addition, the mechanical equipment it is impossible to train according to a preset program, for example, the program of burning fat or maintain the tone.

Just be aware that the motor tracks the maximum user weight is limited to 100-110 pounds.

Another disadvantage of the mechanical track is the lack of smoothness of the walking belt. When running You will feel the jerks that moves the canvas.

Magnetic treadmills

More uniform movement of the canvas provide a magnetic treadmills. They work on the same principle as the mechanical track. But unlike the latter, they are equipped with a magnet, i.e. they possess a magnetic loading mechanism and inhibition. So sometimes they are referred to the variety of mechanical treadmill.

Because of the uniformity of leaf magnetic track to a greater extent suitable for serious training. However, the design complexity of the simulator makes it more expensive compared to mechanical.

Electric treadmills

The most expensive are electric treadmills. They differ from mechanical or magnetic simulators is that the belt rotates the built-in motor.

The undeniable advantage of electrical paths is the ability to adjust the load. You can set any speed, from a slow walking speed and ending speed of the Olympic hundred-meter race. The maximum speed is limited only by the power of the motor.

An additional advantage is more accurate in comparison with mechanical tracks, measuring the distance traveled, heart rate. In addition, electrical trainers have a smooth-running and less noisy.

Electric treadmill has another advantage over mechanical – able to run on a predetermined exercise program. In each version of the program (for example, burning fat, maintaining tone, increased endurance, etc.) laid down a definite change of speed and elevation during exercise. Thus, the exerciser will automatically adjust the load in accordance with the purpose of Your workout. More expensive models allow yourself to write programs.

So, if You have opted for electric treadmill, first of all, you need to pay attention to the power of the motor. For most users, suitable motor capacity of 1.5 – 2.5 horsepower at a constant, not peak load.

In addition, it is important to get an intuitive control panel, as well as the functionality of the onboard computer. In the standard “gentleman’s set” display training parameters include speed, elapsed time, distance traveled, and calories burned. All these indicators can be seen on the display, mechanical (magnetic) of the simulator.

In addition, the monitors are expensive models of electric treadmills show the pulse, the forecast of consumption of calories per hour with the existing load, angle of incline, the average time of passage of a distance and your pace (time spent on the passage of a unit of distance).

What is the warranty on the treadmill?

Since a treadmill is a fairly expensive purchase, be sure to ask the seller a guarantee on the purchased machine. On most models the warranty period ranges from one year to three years. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Carefully read the text of the guarantee. Make sure that the warranty covers not only the mechanical parts (e.g., the frame, the treadmill), but also on the electrical appliances.

After answering the questions above, You already have some idea what should be the dimensions of the treadmill, as well as speed limits and weight of the user. Perhaps You already know that it will be electric treadmill folding design with a three year warranty.

It remains only to tailor Your needs with the budget for the purchase.

If You still have difficulty in choosing a treadmill, You may find it makes sense to go to a fitness club to try out different models of treadmills, are placed in it. Be sure before you buy check with the instructors for their professional opinion about a particular model of the simulator. Or, if You do not have this capability, read reviews online.