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Elliptical trainer
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Recuperate after trening

You get a big load during training and then during the competition. This process of receiving the load is constantly repeated serious cyclists throughout the season. This is an area where many cyclists do big mistakes. They put all their energy into the training process and in performances in races, sometimes forgetting that their progress depends not only on their participation in the competition, but also from their holiday.

Season obtain peak loads must be arranged so that your muscles were able

to rest and recover after each hard workout or competition. Obviously, the better you recover, the better your results. This means that recovery should be paid not less important than the participation in the competition. Similarly, as in the case when you are preparing your body for overcoming heavy lifts, you should be preparing him for a full recovery to return to training and racing stronger to reach new limits of their ability.

Restorative skating .

There is no doubt that competition is the best training. Participation in the competition leads to tactical improvements, increases your speed, endurance and power as no training. However, when you start to go racing, you need to remember that recovery Cycling is critical to your success. Organization the right balance between recovery and training Biking in the period between races is necessary for further progress in your speeches, and in order to avoid “stagnation”, as well as the worst – overtraining and complete loss your fitness. Even those cyclists who do not always participate in competitions, but I prefer to do a group ride on the weekends, need recovery Catania for rest and muscle recovery.

The days between competitions or heavy workouts should be on a bike ride with a reduced load, called restorative skating. Although the duration of full recovery depends on the individual characteristics of an athlete, this approach does not change. During the recovery drive should be passed as long as necessary to restore your body, but not for training. In this period we should not think about increasing your training volume, but not to completely abandon the bike. During the recovery of riding should be done on a bike from 1.5 to 2 hours at a heart rate of 60-65% of your maximum heart rate (MCSS), and at low cadence. This “active recovery” (opposite to “lying on the couch”) accelerate the regeneration of your body by improving blood circulation, accelerate the circulation of nutrients, reduce muscle pain and relax your nervous system while relaxing and quiet Cycling. How many days of active recovery you need? If during competition and training the majority of the time you spend in the area above your lactate threshold, you need more time to recover. For example, drivers who receive a load in the area over the lactate threshold during the period exceeding 30 minutes, requires 2 day recovery ride.