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Breathing exercises for weight loss


What is the essence of this type of exercise? Usually the cause of excess weight and its persistent unwillingness to leave, becomes a slow metabolism. One way of normalizing experts believe proper breathing. A specially designed breathing exercises to mobilize the reserves of the organism and help the attainment of a sense of cheerfulness and lightness.

This Eastern breathing exercises for weight loss actually effective. After a week of practice you will see not only the obvious external result, but will feel a surge of strength, lightness and vivacity. In addition to

getting rid of excess fat exercises help to boost immunity and strengthen the whole body.

In any case, in Chinese healing practices breathing exercises for weight loss used for these purposes. It is based on three fundamental exercises: “Lotus”, “frog” and “wave”. The main task of breathing exercises for weight loss is to get rid of feelings of hunger, which prevents weight loss (what a loss, when you want to eat!). Breathing exercises, tsangpa also becomes a great help during the so-called fasting days buckwheat, rice or yogurt.

This magical Chinese gymnastics quite strongly (and positively) affects your overall health. Goes weakness, malaise, dizziness – all that usually accompanies the woman during dieting and losing weight. In addition to the normalization of metabolism during exercise does massage internal organs (like during classes belly dancing), which also positively affects their work.

The exercises included in this Wellness complex, burdensome, do not require special clothes, special facilities and special accessories. They can be done at home, at the cottage, on the train or on the plane and even in the office. Let’s get down to business and consider the basic exercises, and the principles and rules of their implementation.

The first exercise “the Wave”

This exercise is recommended to always do when acute sense of hunger. It is also better to start a series of exercises. To complete the exercise “the Wave”in the supine position:

Lie on the floor face up, feet should lie flat on the floor.

Bend the legs at right angles. One palm down on the center of the abdomen, and the other lay on his chest.

On the inhale pull your stomach as much as possible and hold your breath for a few seconds.

Do exhale with simultaneous retraction of the chest, and bulging belly.

To perform this exercise in a sitting position, sit on a chair, straighten your back, slide feet together and relax. Next, follow all the same as in the first embodiment. In one “session” health gymnastics must perform not less than forty approaches this exercise.

The second exercise “Lotus”

This exercise helps to relieve fatigue and normalizes metabolism. Exercise “Lotus” is in “the pose of the Buddha”:

Sit on the floor, cross-legged.

Expand the left hand up and place it on the right palm (for men Vice versa). Put your hands down in front of the abdomen to the feet.

Straighten your back, chin up and shoulders down slightly down, eyes close. The tip of his tongue touch the sky.

Take a deep breath and imagine something pleasant, the main thing is harmony and peace.

The first five minutes breathe freely and deeply, almost silently and concentrated on breathing.

The next five minutes to relax and try to breathe as freely as possible and naturally. Breath have no control over.

The last ten minutes actually forget about breathing. Every exhale and inhale, do as get. Breathe just the way you are used to in everyday life. Try not to think about nothing.

Actually in Eastern practices this whole process is called meditation. During meditation a person can completely relax physically and spiritually and to reach the so-called inner harmony.

The third exercise “Frog”

For this exercise, take a small stool and sit on it:

Place your feet shoulder-width apart so that the drumstick and thigh were a little sharp or right angle. Squeeze the left hand in a fist and grasp her right hand (for men Vice versa).

Elbows to push the knees and support yourself with your forehead into a fist. Close your eyes and relax.

Inhale, tensing the abdomen, exhale, relaxing. Do the exercise for fifteen minutes three times a day.

This exercise is one of the few that not only somehow magically speeds up the process of weight loss, but also calms the nervous system. Try to think in the moment about what makes you happy. Try to reach the inner harmony that is supposed to calm you down and lead to normal.

The principles and rules of respiratory gymnastics “tsangpa”

Start exercising, do not forget that this exercises for weight loss requires permanent control of breathing and complete relaxation of the whole body. Pull the air through the nose and see him in the belly. Out through your mouth very slowly. Completely relax the abdomen, so that it becomes soft. Then inhale again. All the breaths do only through the nose.

All movements and breathing should be very slow, relaxed and calm. When the abdominal cavity is fully filled with air, hold it for a couple of seconds, then inhale briefly and the hour calmly exhale. Doing exercises, make sure to avoid any unpleasant or painful sensations, that belly is not filled with too much air. Start lessons with exercises that are easiest to perform. Don’t hold your breath. If suddenly unwell or dizzy, immediately stop the occupation.

Specific contraindications for this type of exercise is not. However, you should not perform exercises during menstruation and after surgeries. With extreme caution should you start exercising for those who suffer from high blood pressure, diseases of the spine and gallstone disease as well as kidney stones and urinary bladder).

According to the reviews of those who have tried this method of getting rid of excess weight in practice, Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss gives great results! Just a few days lose one pounds, and after two or three months – about ten pounds of weight. The main condition to achieve visible and tangible results – regular employment. So breathe and lose weight, but at the same time heals and develop a spirit of cheerfulness and ease thoughts. In any case, these results promise the fans of this Eastern gymnastics “csanta”.