Breathing exercises for weight loss
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  The ATP content in the muscle slightly (about 5 mmol /kg wet weight tissue – 0,25-0,4%) and kept at a constant level, since the increase in the concentration of…

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Morning exercises – the first step to health


The value of physical activity is difficult to overestimate, especially in the first half of the day. A properly selected complex of morning gymnastics fits all . regardless of age. Do not think that exercises for morning exercises devised for students, teenagers, schoolchildren and kindergarten children, on the grounds that the young growing body needs movement. In fact, people after the age of 25 are moving much less, and therefore it is vital to them complex morning exercises.

Due to sedentary work, stiffness, muscles begin to degrade, to perform its

functions are rather slow, leading to disruption of the proper operation of the ligaments and joints, deterioration of respiration and blood circulation. The result is a serious disease not only of the spine (scoliosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis), but also the malfunction of the entire body. Well-chosen exercises for morning exercises will help to avoid these problems.

How to plan morning exercises?

First of all, you need to remember the basic rules:

— a sequence of complex exercises morning exercises;

— duration at least one hour;

— the regularity of the best exercises selected by you depending on what part of my body needed the most work.

So, for example, a set of morning exercises for children must include a separate exercise for the back muscles . in addition to General complex of physical exercises for all muscle groups . The benefit of such charging that it helps prevent the appearance of scoliosis, and is increasingly found in children.

The complex of morning gymnastics for adults, as men . and women . also should start with exercises to strengthen back muscles . since the care of the spine should be in the first place, because it is the Foundation of our health. The main thing is to make a set of exercises morning exercises and your favorite music to get pleasure from performing exercises.

If you don’t know where to start conducting morning exercises, what exercises for morning exercises to perform to strengthen all muscle groups and for each group separately, we will examine a set of exercises daily morning exercise, and you choose for yourself the best option.

The warm-up. A set of exercises and its importance in conducting morning exercises.

Complex morning exercises should be sure to include a warm up that will prepare the muscles to the load . The body was not fully recovered from sleep, and therefore, before recharging is necessary to prepare and warm up.

Warm-up — exercise for arms and shoulders

1. Straighten your arms and do rotational motion from the shoulder joint, drawing a big invisible circle. Movements are made from the top down.

2. Follow the rotation of the shoulder joints. Start with the right shoulder, then turn left, then both at once.

3. Bent at chest level twice in a fast paced slide back, and then spread to the sides.

4. Make Mahi hands, depicting the motion of scissors.

5. Make alternate short Mahi hands up, down.

Each exercise should be repeated 3 – 5 times.

According to this principle, prepared a set of exercises to warm up all parts of the body. If, in addition to the General tone and energy . you want to get from charging more visible effect, in the form of slim figure. you need to add strength training.

Exercises for morning exercises

Exercise for abdominal muscles

1. Lying on the floor, perform upgrades torso, trying not to lift the scapula. The legs should be bent at the knees. Do 5 approaches.

2. Again legs bent at the knees, but the torso lift completely, with the release of the tailbone off the floor. Also 5 times.

3. Lift straight legs at an angle of 45 O. thus, without lifting the lower back off the floor.

Adding to the complex morning exercises these exercises, you will strengthen your abdominal muscles. but will also make it flat, and beautiful.

Exercise for buttocks

1. Lying on your back, spread to the sides palms down, bend your knees. Slowly lift the hips so that the head, hands, shoulders remained pressed to the floor. Now you need to slightly bend your lower back and glutes. Go back to the original position. Repeat 5 to 7 times.

2. Sitting on the floor, close your palms on the back of the head and legs slightly spread them apart. Now start to move, pushing forward alternating legs. Try to keep your back straight. First, the movement should be slow, and then, if possible, accelerate, mentally counting to 60 while performing this exercise.

3. Place your feet shoulder width apart and extend arms forward. Sit down without bending your back and without lifting the heels from the floor. Slightly arch your lower back and return to the starting position. Make 15 – 25 squats.

Include exercises for the buttocks in General complex morning exercises, you can improve their shape, tighten muscle and get rid of cellulite .

The task of the exercise is: bringing the body in working condition, support the health of vital organs and all parts of the body, and creating a lovely shape and good mood. Try it and the result will surprise you. The doctor promises!