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Exercises for the treatment of the spine with herniated lumbar and cervical


As you know, a herniated disc is a protrusion of the annulus fibrosus, which may last until it breaks, which resulted in a pulpous nucleus moves in the direction of protrusion, until his deposition in the spinal canal. The result is compression of the nerve endings of the spinal cord that respond to the impact of severe pain, may disrupt the operation of some internal organs. Herniated discs can occur anywhere in the spine, but most often it manifests itself in the cervical and vertebral divisions. The mainstay of treatment (not counting the time of relief of pain) are

physical exercises for spine with a hernia that allow you to restore the muscles and improve the condition of the ligamentous apparatus, thereby preventing the recurrence of the disease.

Causes of herniated discs

Any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure

This problem does not occur in a moment, it is the result of prolonged negative processes that occur in the spine and in the body, and last of these processes for many years. And here is the very manifestation of the disease occurs after exposure to the precipitating factor, which is a kind of “last straw”, and not the cause of the disease. Most often provoked by exposure turns out to be incorrect lifting of heavy loads, when the weight rises no legs, and back.

The cause of a herniated disc is degenerative processes in disks. The reasons for these processes are as follows:

wrong strain on the back. It’s not only about the wrong weight lifting, it is also important to follow the correct posture. to work in a comfortable posture, etc. Failure to observe the simplest rules leads to accelerated destruction of the intervertebral discs;

the lack of water in the body has an extremely negative impact on the connective tissues, including the intervertebral discs. The main task of the disks is a leaf function, to fulfill her they can only in the presence of a sufficient amount of liquid that they absorb from the surrounding tissue. If the fluid is low, then the drives will literally be dying, which would seriously increase the likelihood of hernia;

the lack of moderate exercise. No wonder the mainstay of treatment when hernia of the spine are physical exercise, but they are needed in everyday life. Such exercises develop the ligaments and muscles of the spine which is tasked with maintaining the spine in optimal condition. In addition, the intervertebral discs are nourished” (receive the necessary nutrients and get rid of unnecessary) due to diffusion. To be successful, requires a certain load, which will improve circulation. And to create such conditions it is easier with the help of physical exercises.

the challenge is, and improper diet. And the spine, and intervertebral disks constantly need certain trace elements that can get into your body only with food. The most important of them is known to all – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, etc. If you lack these elements, the bone becomes porous and weak, and the intervertebral discs start to collapse. So proper nutrition is essential for health back.

The basic rules for exercising with a hernia of the spine

To start doing such exercises you once managed to cope with the pain. In any case we have to follow some rules, otherwise physical exercise with a hernia of the spine instead of use will cause harm.

Exercising with a hernia of the spine should be performed after you cope with pain syndromes

1. In the selection of exercises should look very carefully at their own condition and the absence of pain. This is necessary because the protrusion of the intervertebral disc can occur in any direction. You need to perform those exercises that don’t cause any discomfort, such exercises for the treatment of hernia of the spine will be really useful. If during exercise appears a slight feeling of discomfort, then it too must be done, but as carefully and attentively. The exceptions are those exercises, under which there is a sharp pain in the spine. It is clear that such exercises makes sense to be postponed “until better times”, but they may act as a kind of diagnosticians. If after some time you repeat this exercise and it will cause less pain – then you are moving in the right direction.

2. In the initial stages, you should avoid those exercises that involve “twisting” of the body.

3. Avoid bumps in the back, jumps and jolts.

4. Exercise need as often as possible throughout the day (2-6 times), but to divide the exercise into several separate parts, which you will perform at different times.

5. It is impossible to make a sudden effort to problem areas of the spine.

6. To begin the exercise you need with a minimum of amplitude and load, and then gradually increase them.

7. No need to try to be cured in one day, immediately after setting Ayoub” once all the vertebrae and discs. The spine need to gently restore, you will need to gradually increase circulation in the affected part of the spine.

Exercises for lumbar herniation of the spine

In most cases, a herniated disc is seen in the lumbar spine. The set of exercises below is the standard, it is aimed at people, long time suffering from a herniated disc. But keep in mind that the treatment is almost always different, which means that your doctor may recommend additional exercises to this complex. Generally the purpose of these exercises is the strengthening and development of the functional capacity of the spine, as well as General training of the muscles of the torso.

Exercises for the spine with herniated lumbar

Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body, legs should be slightly bent position. When doing breathing exercise, do not hold. To stretch the muscles of the abdomen to solid state. To monitor the status of muscle, putting her hands on her stomach. This exercise 10-15 times.

Also performed lying on your back, hands along the body, legs should be extended. You must slightly lift the body, the feet should always be on the floor. This situation persists for 10 seconds, after which the body should slowly lower back to starting position. After performing the exercise for a short break of no more than 10 seconds. This exercise is repeated 10-15 times.

Initial position – lying on his back, with the legs should be slightly bent. You need to pull the right arm forward, placing the brush on the knee of the left leg. Then begin to bend your left leg, putting her leg resistance right hand, preventing the leg closer to your head. Performed this exercise with a force of about 10 seconds, after which slowly and gradually adopted the starting position. Next, you should rest for 10-15 seconds. This exercise 5-10 times, then you need to change the arm and leg (left hand rests on the right leg), repeat the exercise 5-10 times. During the rest should be possible to relax the muscles in the torso, arms and legs.


Therapeutic exercise with a hernia in the cervical spine

The following set of exercises is performed with a hernia of the spine in the cervical spine. But it should be noted that the cervical spine in many ways is a very “naughty”, so the exercises should be approached with caution. In addition, exercises are selected individually, so your doctor can add some exercise to the following property. Also the exercises should not be performed during acute illness, on the contrary, in this period it is recommended to wear a retentive bandage, which will provide peace to the sick of the vertebrae and discs.

Turns head to the right to the left with a hernia of the cervical spine

Given complex exercises aim to restore the elasticity of the neck muscles and improve the mobility of the vertebrae.

Performed sitting or standing, arms hanging along the body. You need to perform smooth turns head to the right and then the left. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times. When a light version made small swivel to the sides.

Starting position is similar to the previous exercise. You need to gently lower the head down, trying to press her chin to her chest. Runs 5-10 times.

Performed standing or sitting, with lowered along the body hands. Slowly throws the head back, thus you need to pull the chin. The exercise is repeated 5-10 times.


It should be noted that any exercise should only be done after consultation with a doctor. The above sets of exercises for herniated spine doesn’t hurt, of course, but only a doctor will be able to consider all the details with specific regard to your case.

Also do not forget that exercises performed after surgery for hernia of the spine may deviate slightly from the above complexes.