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Recovery after trenirovki


Each repetition was hard! Your muscles were burning from the load and voltage! The training was incredibly heavy and intense, but she failed to build a single gram of muscle tissue!

The opportunity for muscle growth begins when You finished strength training, and this growth can’t happen without the proper “Protocol” of recovery. Muscles don’t grow in the gym – they grow after. When You lift heavy weight, the muscles get microtrauma and undergo a process called catabolism. Immediately after the termination of physical activity Your

body starts to repair, but it needs help.

If You want to get the most from their efforts in the gym, you need to focus on recovery after training. Follow these 8 principles for achieving the coveted results stay on “top”.

Move the boundaries of the possible

“No pain, no growth!” one of the most popular phrases in the gym. Go beyond the limits of the possible is good practice, but how far you can go? Must be a measure that will create the necessary stimulus for muscle growth, and not an attempt to reach the point where the muscles are completely destroyed, which leads to pain for many days.

The emphasis should be not on the speed of recovery, and its quality and productivity. If You constantly allow yourself to exhaustion every workout and this damage accumulates over time, and the body spends more energy to eliminate these effects, leaving less energy to build muscles. Train hard enough to step outside of my “comfort zone” – try to do more than the previous day. Following this principle, You will observe the strong and steady progress, not to take a step forward and two back.

Take seriously the food before workout

What You eat after your workout. directly affects the quality of the restoration. Because assimilation is a long process, the power to “rocking chair” also plays an important role. Proteins and carbohydrates that You have eaten prior to the training, will circulate in the body for some time. Therefore, choose foods wisely. Make sure You get high quality protein from lean meat, and complex carbohydrates, if you plan to do intensively. Eat 2 hours before workout to avoid problems with digestion.

During strength training it would be nice to take a BCAA Supplement, which will be actively absorbed by muscle cells. And don’t forget about the dish before bedtime.

Don’t skip stretching

Stretching does not seem so important when the main goal is size. But she might be the most underrated player in the growth of muscle mass. Not possessing the necessary flexibility and muscle plasticity, You limit yourself in many basic exercises. For example, if the ankles are too tight, You will not be able to sit deep enough to extract the maximum benefits from squats with a barbell.

Stretching is a great way to reduce muscle tension and soreness during recovery. Dedicate at least 15 minutes after a workout to cool down and stretch.

Protein after a workout

“Feed your muscles!” Give them the fuel for growth and improvement. Portion of protein after exercise is vital. Aim for 20-50 grams of protein after each workout, depending on its weight. Women would be enough 20 grams, and men better to strive for more value.

Whey protein is the most popular protein Supplement, and for good reason: it is convenient, easy to mix and has a fast rate of absorption that is ideal for taking after heavy training.

To accelerate and optimize their recovery processes, take after workout 30g protein with carbohydrates. It can be foods with a high glycemic index, such as fruits or juices (preferably in large numbers to get 60-100 grams of carbohydrates). They spur insulin, draw up the level of glycogen and energy. Insulin is a powerful anabolic factor that helps to restore muscle proteins.

Eat foods rich in potassium

Foods enriched with potassium, must be present in the post-workout shake. Upon completion of intensive training on the potassium in the body will be devastated. Potassium, along with other nutrients such as sodium and calcium, is one of the key minerals, and plays an important role in muscle energy.

Bananas and potatoes are good sources of potassium. First combine with almost everything, and mashed potatoes in the first post-workout meal is also a good idea.

Quality sleep

Sleep is not just for recreation. It forced the “idle time” required for the body to recover. Sacrificing hours of sleep over a long period of time, You are doing yourself mentally weaker and have a negative impact on the process of training. You must sleep at least 7 hours, and all athletes 9. Find ways that will help to make changes in the daily routine – go to bed early.

Active recovery

Rest days give your muscles a break. But some light activity, such as swimming or Cycling, will stimulate the recovery process and speed it up. This method is known as “active recovery.” Also, light cardio after weight training will help to alleviate muscle pain. stimulating blood circulation and improving circulation to the muscles.

Reducing stress

Physiological stress obtained after exercise is a good thing. Chronic stress from other sources, such as deadlines at work or insufficient sleep. can significantly affect daily health, but also on how quickly You recover.

The combination of chronic stress and heavy exercise in the gym adversely affects the General welfare and the capabilities of Your body. Take action to reduce the level of stress, to bounce back faster. Do what You really like or makes You laugh.

Now You know that recovery is an integral component in the achievement of any goal in the gym. If you want to become stronger, faster and better, You need to combine each of these tips into your daily recovery plan to get is directly proportional to the results from your hard training!