Training on a treadmill - how to succeed
  Any exercise on the treadmill, whether it be walking, Jogging or intense running, will lead to increased calorie burning. Treadmill is considered a leader among trainers, coaching cardiovascular system.…

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Running in the evenings
  After watching the transfer of "Extreme makeover" (Extreme Weight Loss), I noticed that the people who started to lose weight with 300, 200 kg. ran! And think about this...…

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Office of disease how to avoid them


The modern pace of life leaves its mark on all spheres of human life. Sedentary office work, sedentary life and irregular meals very often the causes of so-called “office of disease”. This term is relatively new, but suffers from it a lot of people. Let’s try to see, what to do in order to minimize the risk of these diseases.

The most common method is movement. Try to move as often as possible and more. Because many office diseases appear because of the lack of movement. What can you do? You can get help from the fresh air and running on the

weekends. Refrain from using a car or public transport and start to get to work on foot, but if you add a little morning exercise, then it will be even more effective.

Very often, in the process, you cease to monitor the posture and pose. This isn’t exactly add you health, and, conversely, have a negative impact on the General condition of the spine and joints. The curvature and scoliosis – one of those problems that are likely to overtake you. Begin to develop stagnation, salt deposits and other problems of the bone system. Even the seat exactly, if you don’t regularly change the posture, is not salvation from the majority of diseases associated with the back and spine. From lack of movement begins to suffer the entire circulatory system, it triggers thrombosis, which, in turn, contribute to the occurrence of heart attacks or strokes.

Then what to do? Elementary warm-up to help you. Indeed, among the working day it is easy to allocate a few minutes to warm up and do if not a full-fledged gymnastics, at least a little workout. It is very important to change posture when you sit. Stop to stoop, and leave the head in shoulders – watch the posture. Do not forget about a big strain on the eyes, because the daily work in front of the monitor dry mucosa, and this adversely affects the visual acuity. To support your eyes is very important to perform certain exercises for the eyes and not to forget from time to time to turn his eyes from the monitor.

Another danger that may lie in wait office worker – this is the dustiness of the room. A large amount of accumulated papers, furniture, carpet and office equipment – all this attracts dust, which you then breathe all day. It is easy to imagine what happens to your respiratory system, which is forced to breathe in all this dust. Try to regularly ventilate your room and, if possible, as often as possible, wipe the dust, at least in the workplace. It’s you and the warm-up, and dust control.

Very important to remember about nutrition. Do not ignore the lunch break. Your work is not going anywhere, but to put the stomach and earn gastritis or ulcers can be quite fast. Lunchtime good and the fact that you can walk on fresh air, to relieve the thoughts, and to eat.