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Harmful sport for health


He notes that, on the one hand, the modern generation is principally engaged in mental work. During the working day, we almost do not move and try to compensate for it in training, to keep the harmony. Because to make it in the world of semi-finished products and sweets is not so easy, you have to exert more effort during sports activities.

However, according to Stephen Barrett, injuries can be obtained even by the most simple and easy exercise. Moreover, even in the absence of injury, the constant excessive stress can lead to serious problems. The

doctor urges to stop your workout at the slightest sensation of pain. Even if your instructor insists on return.

Stephen Barrett highlighted the most traumatic sports and gave advice on how to make them safer:

1. Running.

From 37 to 56% of runners get injured every year, and this means that virtually any runner is doomed to injury. Often suffer from knee, foot and ankle joints – however, even the lower back and neck suffer the harmful effects of shock loads.

Recommendations: choose comfortable shoes, change shoes, even if they are not worn until the end, and try not to run on asphalt, and on tracks with rubber coating (like playgrounds).

2. Bike.

Cycling is one of the most dangerous Amateur sports and different from Motorsport only speed. Muscle and joint pain is just the tip of the iceberg, the fall much worse – the result can be as ordinary scratches and traumatic brain injury, sometimes fatal.

Recommendations: use protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves), check regularly experienced bike mechanics (especially the shifter), keep the gears and the chain is clean before you test drive the tires – if there are any defects (a defect in the tire = fall). Stay away from roads, select roads with sparse traffic, drive in the company.

3. Yoga.

Who would have thought that the practice for healing can cause problems? And yet even such authorities of yoga, William broad and Glenn black, warn about the risks of spinal injuries. Some instructors even have to teach lying down due to severe back pain!

Recommendations: yoga is effective only in special cases and only under the supervision of an experienced coach. Try to avoid groups with different levels of training, don’t hesitate to ask the Studio or the club about the instructor and watch carefully how you feel. Avoid risky asanas in group activities (and even on a personal, not sure if the trainer is 100%).

4. Boxing, crossfit and extreme sports.

Alas, according to Stephen, these directions are traumatic in its very essence. Any precautions will give a temporary effect, but does not relieve you from certain health problems.

We are confident that the movement is as necessary for our body, and the correct choice of physical activity? In order to do that it is crucial to know your body, its strengths and weaknesses, contraindications and recommendations. It is therefore very important to undergo regular medical examinations.

If you want guaranteed safe workouts – choose physiotherapy, which will lead to tone your body, improve the immune system and accelerate metabolism. And also helps to recover from various injuries, diseases of spine and joints, muscle pain.