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How to breathe correctly while running tips and advice

When running a very important point is proper breathing. In this case the load on the cardiovascular system is greatly reduced, and access to vital organs of oxygen improves. In turn, this all has a positive effect on the process of training and its effectiveness. How to breathe when running? Let’s try to answer.

No definite answer on how to breathe correctly while running. The breath – the notion is purely personal. What is useful to one, another may be painful. That is why the breath we will consider in a generalized

understanding, stopping at universal techniques.

To breathe through the nose or through the mouth?

How to breathe while running: through the mouth or through the nose? Running to breathe through the nose is almost always difficult. So says the expert on breathing Alison McConnell, who is also the author of the famous book “Breathe stronger, work better”. However, not everyone agrees with him. According to Dr. Roy Sugarman, when breathing through the nose in the blood increases the concentration of CO 2 . and it creates a calming effect. In cold weather the air passing through the nose is warmed and, therefore, decrease the chances of catching cold.

Select the option for yourself

Anyone who does running, should choose the way of breathing: mouth or nose. Watch for any breathing easier for you to run. If the weather is cold and you breathe through the mouth, slightly lift the tongue to the palate during inspiration. This will help prevent the ingress of cold air directly into the throat.

Breathing the diaphragm is the lower abdomen

Running backs need to breathe using the diaphragm of the lower abdomen. The upper section of the chest while running minimally. However, to breathe in this way need to learn in a calm state, for example, when walking. It is not as difficult as it may seem, is just to try. Take a deep breath, inflating the stomach. This method of breathing should be put into running gradually.

Breath in through 3-4 step

At slow running, inhaling and exhaling should be done in 3-4 steps. This is the best option. If you still do not have enough breath – inhale through 2 steps. Listen to yourself and then you will be able to find the most optimal rhythm, learn how to breathe correctly while running. To do this, first try to maintain the rhythm while walking, and then move it at a run. During normal running, always think about your breathing, try to breathe smoothly and quietly. The focus should be on exhalation. When you run fast, your breath control is very difficult. There are special techniques to achieve good results. If you move quickly, increasing the oxygen deficiency, and in any case not easy can all this lack of cover. When loads are large, the nose is quite hard to breathe while running. So, most likely, will have to connect the mouth.

No matter whether you’re new to running or a seasoned professional, additional physical exercises that develop the muscles of the diaphragm, will be very useful. However, such training should be conducted on fresh air. If you know how to breathe properly when running, your sports will be effective, and you will be able to achieve good results.