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Cardio for fat burning and slimming


Preparing for bodybuilding competitions, fitness

Anyone familiar with sports and fitness, knows about the role of cardio to maintain low levels of fat. Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the training machine!

Of course, special cardio for fat loss necessary for all who wish to shed excess pounds. Cardio keeps the low level of subcutaneous fat, making you can see all your muscles, pumped up during the long years of hard

training. Continuous training machine has a positive effect on cardio-coustou system, training the heart muscle, and you become fitter. While many would agree that the benefits of cardio, so it’s boring. And if you will not make, you are not going to spend the morning, sweating on the treadmill for an infinitely long and tedious hours.

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In this article, you will learn how to improve your cardio for weight loss and make them faster, easier and without getting bored.

Types of cardio for fat burning

To begin, consider 5 different types of cardio for fat burning, among them continuous training, interval training, fartlek training, training on supershine, and cross training.

Duration of training for fat burning

Also known as cardio for a long distance, or cardio steady state. It includes training with the same load for a long period of time, usually 20-60 minutes without rest.

An example of this style of training can be a long jog on the running machine with a constant speed of 7 mph (11 km). Performing simple and safe, making it an excellent choice for all levels of training.

Interval training

Interval cardio for weight loss also can be used for all levels of training. It includes high-intensity workout with palpitations for a short period of time, followed by an easy recovery period.

This is a great option if you quickly get bored with repetitive training, and you want to change the intensity during training. For example, running 2 minutes at a speed of 8 mph, then slow jog 5 mph for 3 minutes to recover.

This sequence is repeated the necessary amount of time, usually 20 to 40 minutes. This learning style is more significant increases heart rate, and the duration of training less.


Fartlek (a type of interval training with the constant change of rate of motion) is similar to interval training, only it is less structured. She places high demands on the trainee, and is more suitable for people with an advanced level of fitness. The alternation includes intense workouts and recovery periods, which are not systematic. They oscillate between a high speed, high intensity, anaerobic work and low intensity periods of recovery.

Training on supershine

Training on supershine also called aerobic circuit training and includes alternating short periods of cardio for weight loss with short periods of anaerobic exercise, such as weight training.

An example would be 3 minutes on the elliptical trainer, then 1 minute of squats, then three minutes on the treadmill, and one minute of leg presses.

This is the best way to maximize the efficiency of the cardio for fat loss in the shortest amount of time. At runtime it is difficult to get bored, suitable for all levels of fitness. Training on supershine – a great option for athletes and bodybuilders to practice before the competition. Such training ensures the maintenance of muscle mass, simultaneously destroying subcutaneous fat in the shortest amount of time.


This type of cardio involves alternating cardio loads during different time periods. There are three options for performing this type of workout.

The first is the alternation of exercises for one cardio exercise, such as 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the stationary bike and 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

The second option is to change the equipment every day. In the end, you can change your program depending on season, for example: swimming in the summer, Hiking and climbing in autumn, skiing in winter and running in the spring.

This style of workout is a great injury prevention and the guarantee of victory over boredom.

Intensity cardio program for weight loss

In addition to various types of cardio you should also know about the frequency, duration and intensity of training. The American College of sports medicine recommends at least 3 – 5 sessions per week for 20 to 60 minutes, with 55/65% to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

Of course, you should take into account individual characteristics of the organism. In the offseason the majority of athletes and bodybuilders do 2-4 times a week to maintain weight and stimulate muscle growth. Before the competition, the number can grow up to 7 to 14 a week for 45-60 minutes each.

Include all five types of cardio into your weekly workout. This will ensure continuous progress and reduce the possibility of burnout. Another interesting option is to include one day of your weekly cardio program for fun, like your favorite sport. It’s great to relieve stress, will give the opportunity to communicate with friends or family and have a good time.

Many wonder what type of cardio is the best. Answer: the one you like best, and workout which you least want to miss. Everything you don’t like, is usually performed without maximum impact, which ultimately will lead to mediocre results. Do what brings pleasure and you will have the feeling that you are working with.

Now you know what types of cardio to do for fat burning, when and how to do it, and how to change their program. But sometimes it happens that you are still bored while exercising and dream about how to be in a warm bed, instead of the treadmill. For the occasion, too, has its approaches.

The first way to increase motivation to exercise with a partner. You will have someone to talk to, and will be the one who will push you to perform a workout. Also you can read your favorite magazines on bodybuilding or good books. If your gym is not available, you can buy a holder for magazines.

Another way to accomplish cardio for fat loss – at run time to listen to the music that you “shakes”. Now there are a lot of portable players that can be easily attached and do not interfere during training.

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The outdoor gym is another great motivational tool. Finding among the sweaty bodies and monotonous equipment within 60 minutes can really be tiring, not to mention the hot, stale air of the gym. Go outside and enjoy the cool fresh air, bright sunshine and constantly changing Pasi. Your training will pass quickly.

Now that you know the ins and outs of cardio for weight loss, you are ready to upgrade the program and reach new heights in your training. Below is a sample weekly cardio load. You can use the program as is, or modify as needed depending on your needs, goals and desires. Remember, there are many ways to get pleasure from cardio in addition to those described above.