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Conditions at work and health


Conditions at work are different. Any job has its downsides. Work in the office like any other, requires a lot of effort, patience and even health. The overcrowding, the noise from the copier, phone calls and faxes can all cause a lot of stress. All working people from time to time appear in a state of crisis. Voltage sometimes helps to deal with urgent tasks.

Stress at work is caused by several factors: the desire to perform the task as best you can, scope of work, deadlines, etc. When urgent work stress in the office can be so great that the worker has no time to leave

your workplace to take a break or to eat. This can lead to depletion of energy and cause problems with the digestive system. Work on a computer without frequent rest breaks causes fatigue, permanent traumatic stretching of the soft tissues of the hands, wrists, back pain, spinal curvature, decreased vision.

The air circulating in the building, can create health problems. If it is filtered with a predetermined level of temperature and automatic cleaning system, it is the cause of viral infections, fatigue, headaches.

How to keep healthy at work?

The human body is not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. Mobility and exercise help not to gain weight – a risk factor for those who work in the office.

1) to strengthen the heart muscle, daily exercise and a diet that is useful for the heart. This means that you must eat foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta) and avoid foods high in fat content. You should also at least twice a week, eat fatty fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Very helpful for keeping the heart muscle to take fish oil (daily dose of 1000 mg) .

2) Strengthen the immune system. The best way to fight common infections such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, — strengthening immunity. How to boost immunity here.

3) In severe and hard work are required every day to eat 1 orange, 1 Apple, a banana and some grapes. These products can have on the job.

4) don’t forget to drink more fluids, because in the office with Central heating can easily be dehydrated. The decrease in the level of fluid in the body causes fatigue, so in the workplace should be a bottle of water. Drink water regularly and in small SIPS throughout the day. Every day, you must drink 8 glasses of water. Read here about the water.

5) To maintain their health you can buy a container with a lid and fill it with different nuts, dried fruit, granola, sunflower seeds and if you get hungry in the workplace can look into this container and something to eat.

6) Never expose your eyes overly bright light. Take care of your eyesight, eat more vitamin a, E And C. If you use your computer every day, regularly tear his gaze away from the monitor and often close your eyes (let your eyes rest), at certain intervals of time, get up, stretch your back and legs (make a mini workout).

7) Before going to work necessarily hearty Breakfast, do not drink a lot of coffee, it is better to drink fruit drinks and berry drinks.

8) At work be sure to dine and eat muffins.

9) make time for regular exercise for shoulder and neck muscles.

Poor conditions of work

Workers engaged in physical labor necessary food that provides energy, strength and stamina for the entire day. This means that all their food should be a constant and reliable source of energy.

A man leading a sedentary lifestyle, you need 2500 kcal, a woman is 2000 calories. However, when heavy physical labour the demand for energy is increasing dramatically. Calorie needs depend on the weight of the person. Big man requires 3900 calories a day with physical labor.

The woman who engaged in heavy physical labor is required 2580 kcal. To stock up on energy for the whole day should be consumed more carbohydrates (bread with bran, potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals). Also not to forget to eat fruit 5 times a day and get protein from lean meat, oily fish, beans and legumes.

When working outdoors to avoid sunburn, cold, wind. Protect your skin, use protective creams and in the cold season dress warmly. Eat ka can be more food containing vitamin e and Pro vitamin E, please click here.

Biological clock

The biological clock of the human body based on a 24-hour cycle. These watches are regulated by hormones (melatonin). As a result, the body receives the command to sleep at night and during the day to be active. Shift work can disrupt the rhythm of the biological clock. That is, if you have to work in a time when people sleep, the body fails. The lack of melatonin in the body leads to drowsiness, depression. If the level of melatonin in the body is lowered as a result of ongoing work at night, you need to increase the intake of tryptophan. Foods that contain tryptophan: broccoli, Turkey, soybeans, watercress, game, cauliflower.

Headache at work

Headaches at work usually occur as a result of the tension of the neck and shoulder muscles caused by mental or physical stress. Muscle tension causes pain in the temples, forehead, eyes. Analyze the causes of stress.

1) Check your workplace – perhaps the location of the chair against the desktop creates inconvenience. The monitor screen should be positioned directly in front of the eyes, or slightly below, but not above.

2) whiskey Massage lavender oil, it will remove the headache and stress.

3) Relax your tense neck and shoulder muscles, after a few deep breaths and stretching.

Wholesome food for workaholics

Bilberry – helps with eye diseases, eye fatigue, and it is very rich in all necessary vitamins.

Carrot juice rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. Drink carrot juice 1 to 2 times per week.

Grapefruit is very suitable for cocktails. This fruit contains a lot of lycopene – a powerful natural anticancerogenic.

Cauliflower, soy, eggs, cabbages contain choline. It helps the brain.