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Why do muscles hurt what to pay attention to the appearance of discomfort


For some reason the majority of people answering the question, why do muscles hurt, connect it exclusively with physical activity in training. However, muscles can ache (myalgia), not only because of exercise, but also because of the trauma of a serious illness or infections such as, for example, influenza.

In some cases enough to endure some help yourself basic home treatment, and some need to urgently consult a doctor.

Factors contributing myalgia:

1) poor posture, which is usually associated with awkward or wrong postures during work or even for women to wear shoes with high heels;

2) congenital abnormalities of the spine or prolonged immobility of a person on account of any chronic disease that causes lie in bed;

3) excessive or too frequent load;

4) injuries, strokes, dislocations, sprains;

5) psychological factors: anxiety and irritability, depression and stress at work and at home;

6) anemia (low blood glucose in human blood), premenstrual syndrome and menopause in women.

The causes of pain

1. Viral infection.

Pain in muscle fibers, which is associated with the infection usually goes away on its own as the treatment and recovery of man.

2. Injuries, breaks and sprains.

Sharp, sharp or throbbing pain, usually indicate the injury, and at times, very serious.

Usually in addition to pain also appear:



the bruising.

You may experience the crunch and pain in the joints. All this cannot be tolerated, and should consult a doctor. And physical training (if any) at any time terminate, until complete recovery.

3. Sharp or very resistive load.

For sedentary people, even basic General cleaning or a two-hour walk through the woods can become the next day or by the evening cause quite unpleasant pain. To prevent this sort of to become man’s “too intense” load, there should be more exercise, even if it is not a sport.

For those who play sports, because excessive exercise can occur and microfractures tissues. This can lead the exercise with too heavy or too large amplitude, and the poorly heated to warm up the muscles. Depending on the extent of damage to full recovery takes from one to seven days.

4. The formation of lactic acid in the fibers during exercise.

Quite often those who have been involved in sports and those who are just starting to go to the gym after class appears myalgia. This is simple: when muscle fibers are reduced, stands out lactic acid.

Her education leads to swelling of muscle cells and compression of the nerve endings. And there is pain in muscles after exercise. These painful feelings with continuation classes must be held as soon as the body gets used to a given load.

5. Of vascular disease (such as varicose veins).

The fact that diseases such people are not always able to distinguish between sick if he has muscles or vessels.

Usually these pains are “stupid” in nature and often occur because of constant sitting or standing position. In such conditions there is a normal circulation occurs and oxygen deprivation. After further accumulation of harmful toxins and start to hurt the muscles.

6. Myositis (inflammation of muscles).

This is perhaps one of the most severe pain. Treated this disease solely under the constant supervision of a doctor.

The primary source of myositis can be:


unusual strain;

a complication of the disease (including influenza).

7. Fibromyalgia (a rheumatic disease).

The primary source of the disease can be:



other diseases;

sedentary lifestyle;

muscular tension.

Pain with this disease can be so severe that people can’t sleep all day and feels fatigue.

How to eliminate joint and muscle discomfort?

How to eliminate pain in joints and muscles? First, it is important to understand that when serious injury definitely need to see a doctor.

If there were small pain, we can help as follows:

1) douche,

2) drink plenty of liquids,

3) a gentle massage

4) a good rest (passive),

Pain ointment

And here are some of them:

Anestesiada liquid. Application: myositis, radiculitis, damaged muscles and ligaments.