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How to choose shoes for fitness


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In recent years, more attention is paid to sports, he did say coming into fashion, along with the healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits. Propaganda and the movement of the sport to the masses, we observe how the speed of light grow new gyms and fitness centers. With the acquisition of the subscription, you are confronted with a new problem –what kind of shoes and clothing is best to choose for sports?

If with clothes all more or less just – natural materials, comfort and proper fit, shoes the situation is more complicated.

Often women choose a sports attire on the principle of “to be nice and hide flaws”, while men “to be comfortable and not look cheap.”


Rules for the selection of clothes and shoes for fitness

Rules when choosing clothes and shoes are about the same, but still need to know the intricacies of the correct choice.

Here you have a month to attend a fitness club, but remain unaware that they have chosen is absolutely not the right shoes for that. Most of the fitness girls combine different complex exercise and not think about the fact that Czechs are more suitable for yoga and for running need special sneakers – another form of another material.

You’re lucky if your chosen place is really a qualified coach who understands in sports equipment and can give you advice, but, as it is known in practice, we have a lot, and knowledgeable staff is extremely little.

And so, regardless of the manufacturer of sports shoes should be flexible, lightweight, breathable and durable. Consult the dealer loses if the Shoe its form, size and is not affected by whether it is deformation when wet, it is extremely important even for the classes in the gym, not to mention outdoor.

Concerning the form of shoes for sports activities, it should tightly enough to fit the foot, fix the form, but at the same time do not squeeze the foot, not to cause discomfort in the condition of motion and rest.

Must be depreciation, specialized pads under the toes and under the foot, the heel should be clearly recorded, and the fingers allow some room to move.

Talked about the theory, we now turn to a practical choice.

Save on athletic shoes definitely not worth it. Better to fork out and buy shoes famous sports brand. Along with this you’ll ensure that you not sole to calve from the top, the laces won’t fray on the first day and insurance other not pleasant things.

For the energetic and power classes choose classic running shoes, Jogging should take special running, yoga and Pilates Slippers for dancing would be ideal sneakers.

There are a number of unwritten rules when choosing shoes for fitness. Shoes must be with a perforated top and preferably breathable bottom and the insole. Such features can now be found in all self-respecting brands and special rulers.


The heel and foot in addition to good fixation should be sufficiently buffered to reduce the load on the foot and the muscles, for example when running.

And athletic shoes with all the above parameters should be easy.

Don’t believe the myths! The right athletic shoes can be quite beautiful. Do not spare time and money when you choose, and then you will become the lucky winners of the coveted pair of brand new sneakers.