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20 best exercises for weight loss


Set of exercises for weight loss contains 20 different exercises aimed at working the major muscle groups. The exercises presented in this complex, perfect for the independent exercise at home. You do not need special training, you can easily repeat these exercises.

This complex is designed for active load and you will have a good sweat doing the exercises. But the result is not to make a long wait. These exercises are best done through the day. So your muscles will have time to recover and rest. And in gymnastics you must cheer up.

Here are a few rules regarding the implementation of the exercise for weight loss:

to eat no later than an hour prior to the lesson

should not eat calories (fat), food, more about the right diet in the article That to eat to lose weight? Top 10 Best foods for weight loss

during class be sure to drink pure non-carbonated water (no more than 1-2 SIPS at a time)

during exercise try, take a deep breathe ( inhale via your nose, and exhale through the mouth)

after the end of classes, try not to drink within 30-40 minutes and do not eat within 3 hours. (Everything you eat immediately after your workout will increase muscle mass. So if you want to lose weight and not not participate in the contest of body builders or wrestlers sumo — better to refrain from eating).

each exercise needs to be brought up to 50 times. It is very difficult for a beginner, because there is no need to overdo it. Increase the load gradually. Remember that muscle pain from oversaturation their lactic acid, will give you the most pleasant sensations, and the resulting microtrauma of the muscle tissue will not allow to do a full set of exercises next time. So everything is good in moderation.

if you have a limited amount of time, can break the complex into several stages

in order to always keep yourself in shape get 20 useful habits for weight loss

20 best exercises for weight loss


This exercise is working out, the muscles of the buttocks, back and abdominal and hamstring.

Squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and return to the starting position.

2. Pushups

A good exercise tightens the muscles of the back, biceps and triceps.

When you run your hands should stand at a close distance from each other. The wrist should be on one line with the shoulders. When the push press elbows to the body as close as possible.

Exercise tightens the muscles of the back and buttocks.

When you run try as much as possible to push the pelvis up.

4. Lunges forward

Exercise is working the front of the thigh and the gluteal muscle.

Do alternating lunges to the right and then the left leg. The thigh leg which makes an attack, if the attack should be parallel to the floor.

5. Board

The exercise is aimed at all the muscles in your body

Put your forearms parallel to one another and lift your body, so that the leg went out on socks. Stay in this position for 90 seconds (if you really find it hard to stand 90 seconds, you can gradually increase the time ).

6. Max back

This exercise makes tense mysci rear thighs and buttocks, also serves as an excellent stretch.

7. Deep triceps

From the title it is clear that the activity is mainly directed to the rear surface of the arm (triceps).

This exercise can be performed standing up with his hands on any steady object: a couch, a step, a bench in the gym, etc.

If you find it hard to do the exercise, place your hands slightly wider or do the exercise with a smaller amplitude.

8. Ballance

This exercise is useful for the spinal muscles.

From posture «on all fours» will be released in a straight line by lifting the opposite arm and leg. In this position, you must stand for 90 seconds

9.Bike with twists

This exercise is working all the abdominal muscles.

Lift alternately opposite leg and elbow.

10. Balansirovanie above the floor

This exercise is useful for the muscles of the lower press, and back.

Lift the leg closest to the floor but not touching it. If you are very difficult, bend your legs at the knees. Stay in this position for 90 seconds.

Lateral lunges load the front muscle of the thigh and buttocks. Also exercise eliminates the so-called «ears»

Exercise all muscle groups

13. Lunges forward and back

14. Pulling

Pulling up is designed for a wide and other back muscles.

If you have no bar or wall, you can replace this exercise to another. Lie on floor, face to the floor.Pull the entire length of the arms and legs. Lifting your legs and your arms and hold them in this position for 90 seconds.

Exercise allows you to relax and stretch the entire spine. Also exercise is aimed at active calorie burning.

This exercise is working the inner thighs.

You need to squat without lifting your heels off the floor with diluted knees.


The exercise combines the load on the muscles of the arms, legs and back

18. Jump with engulfing

Helps relieve lower muscle groups and stretch the front of the thigh. When performing exercises actively burns calories.

19. Jump with the group.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves coordination. As with all jumps, exercise increases blood circulation and promotes the burning of calories.

20. Exercise «Frog»

This exercise stimulates and working the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Since the exercise is done at a pretty high pace, it promotes active of the body and eliminate toxins from the body through sweat.

For anybody not a secret that effective weight loss should also eat right and drink enough liquids.

That’s it!

I wish you always to stay great shape. Always good to see you on my site, subscribe to updates. See you soon!