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Healthy nose — a healthy body

Unique treatment clinic ENT ” pathologies “the Doctor Sich” works for more than seven years. Over the years here have helped over 10,000 doomed to surgical or other blood — painful methods of treatment. And on an outpatient basis without hospitalization: diseases of the ear, nose and throat clinic treat physiological methods, without surgical or other blood — painful interventions, manages the clinic PhD academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, doctor — otolaryngologist with more than 40—years of experience Otto Varlamovich Sichinava. He has developed a unique methodology that combines

classical methods of treatment oregano and copyright of the scheme phyto— and homeotherapy and avoid painful and traumatic manipulations. We asked Otto Varlamoviča to present their work, as well as methods of prevention of diseases of the nose.

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Sinusitis – symptoms, causes, complications. The treatment of sinusitis and at home

. sinusitis ohms. If your headache is truly caused by the blocking of the sinus . such as infection, you must attend a high temperature. along with physical examination to determine the presence of blockage in the sinuses . Treatment of headache with sinusitis the Treatment of headache due to sinusitis Ohm, usually aimed at alleviating symptoms and eliminating.

Otto Varlamovich, told that your clinic treat sinusitis without puncture, antibiotics and surgeries?

O. S. Our clinic is different from all the clinics in Russia, USA, Europe and Japan that we treat ENT — physiological pathology, that is, the natural methods. Common treatment for sinusitis is to puncture the sinus and evacuation of purulent discharge or worse — for surgical intervention in patients receiving antibiotics. We managed to save a comfortable painless treatments about 10, 000 people, and they didn’t need to take sick leave for a month and a half, they continued to work or to study without antibiotics.

Nothing extraordinary, I did not invent. The secret — in the experience that I received for my practice as I went through all the departments of otolaryngology. I and practitioner, and theorist, and “emergency” the doctor and the specialist academic school. Long time worked in ENT — Oncology, after which he headed ENT — office of the Moscow homeopathic center, in parallel, studied herbal medicine and the wisdom of folk medicine. This knowledge allows you to choose which is the for each individual patient the most optimal: one — the acceptance of herbal remedies, another — homeopathy, third — only medicines academic medicine or a mixture of these drugs. It is for minor symptoms, which do not pay attention even experienced otolaryngologists, thinking with homeopathy the doctor prescribes the right decision.

What is different about your method of treatment of sinusitis?

O. S. How is sinusitis. Nasal sinus is lined with mucous membrane secrete mucus, essentially, a protein, a nutrient germs, viruses and fungi. At a fluid discharge hole is closed, and the outflow of mucus is difficult, if not impossible. The peculiarity of our method is that we splashes to the nose phitospray, which irritates nerve receptors of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, open the natural ducts, thins and evacuates accumulated pus. Thus we restore the normal functioning of the mucous membrane.

What kind of spray are you using for the treatment of sinusitis?

O. S. There are 18 plants such action, and each of them has its indications, for example, when purulent sinusitis with fetid odor use special spray, allergic background — another, with the proliferation of the mucous membrane — third, in the presence of foamy pus — the fourth, when trudnootdelema thick pus — tenth, when there is uneven swelling of the mucous membranes — fifteenth, for children — sixteenth, etc. Templates, no, all individually, hence the success. Most importantly — all this is done comfortably and safely.

You have repeatedly appeared on television criticizing the surgical treatment of adenoids, which are widely used today in pediatric medicine. Tell me, how did you treat adenoids at your center?

O. C. In April 2010, I appeared on television and told the whole country the secrets of otolaryngologists and how they earn. Have to say that none of otolaryngology—the doctor for our children and grandchildren nothing removes. Destruction of we the people. There are many ways to avoid these painful operations. I certainly do not take into account the cases where surgery is necessary, when it is already blocked sinuses and there is a risk of developing otitis media and hearing loss. But these are rare cases, not need to bring. In our clinic, first remove edema, inflammation and podslushivaet. Generally, it requires six procedures. The second phase of treatment

— the resorption of the adenoids, which are also on an outpatient basis — in the clinic. The procedure consists of treatment of adenoid tissue through the mouth swab impregnated with a special fitodrug. It is important to remember that the adenoids are not separate bodies: they go in the pipe and Palatine Eustache and lingual tonsils. So you must always treatment of hypertrophic and purulent tonsils, which is carried out by treatment of the “gun” with a finely divided spray, which injected antiseptic substance in the area of adenoids and tonsils. Due to the arcuate threaded tip “gun” atomization of the drug takes place under pressure and reach a deep cleansing of the gaps and the maximum penetration of the medication into the tissue. Such things are impossible to achieve with normal lavage of lacunas in the clinic. As a result, the gap is cleared and closed, the amygdala is reduced in size, takes on a pink color, followed by tonsils shrink adenoids. Final stage — taking homeopathic remedies.

We live in a Northern country. Diseases such as sinusitis and frontal sinusitis are the most common pathologies. In what cases would you suggest immediately consult a doctor?

O. C. Carefully inspect and thoroughly interviewing the patient, I take note of unusual symptoms that other doctors often do not pay attention. This information allows to choose the optimal treatment regimen. Sometimes the size of the nasal mucosa possible to determine the time course of the disease that is also related to the choice of drugs. So, the signs of sinusitis are protracted cold — more than three days, nasal congestion, Muco-purulent discharge, heaviness in the region of the nose and forehead, sometimes the temperature. But sometimes unusual symptoms, when the patient indicates a feeling of cobwebs on the face, treatment for which are unknown even to experienced doctor. This symptomatology corresponds to a single homeopathic remedy — Alumen.

It is believed that physiotherapy tonsils helps to improve the skin condition and even improves mental abilities. Is this true?

O. S. Tonsils are lymphoid tissue located in the pharynx and oral cavity. They participate in the formation of the human immune system, as a barrier to pathogenic bacteria. The tonsils also produces a substance, similar in its effect to antibiotics, — lysozyme, it kills bacteria. It should be noted that all of purulent tonsils, and they need help. Generally tonsils resemble filled with foamy mucous sponge. Only when each swallowing movement this “sponge” is compressed, and its contents enters the stomach. If the tonsils are not in order, then a fall in body of toxic substances. As a result the condition of the skin, edema, man becomes sluggish, tired quickly, difficult thinking. Washing the tonsils, we exclude the possibility of ingestion of toxic substances. Indeed, the skin is cleansed, improves complexion, and parents when they come to me after a series of treatments, note that the child began to learn in school.

Please, name the most effective methods of prevention of ENT—diseases

O. S. After we managed to clear and heal the upper respiratory tract, people are either no longer hurt, or get sick less often, or suffer colds in the form of light. Of course, in order to prevent prescribed vitamins and homeopathic remedies. Advise daily to wash the nose of the Aquamaris, lubricate the sinuses oxolinic ointment. You can use and interferon ointment, but in this case it is better to consult a doctor.

Recently in the media more often mentioned the cleansing of the body. The most polluted area of our body are the tonsils. After purification of this body of people rarely get sick or less intense and prolong his life. If there are signs or minor discomfort of the nasal cavity, it is necessary to clear or release the nasal cavity.

In addition to all of the same methods in our clinic easily treated allergic and vasomotor rhinitis. ENT—the doctor feels the discomfort or awkwardness in the treatment of exudative tubootitis. For us this is the easiest pathology, as it is restored in a single procedure.

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