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Denis Semenikhin debunks myths about fitness


Myth 1: To achieve quick results training must be exhausting

In fact: not True

Often, beginners tend immediately possible to download your body: try to take too much weight, run fast, and workout arrange frequent and prolonged. In most cases, classes for wear will lead to one result:

injury, exhaustion and mental fatigue. What is the result? Will increase the probability that you’re going to want to give up playing sports and do it.

Remember the basic tenets of the beginner:

1. Increase the load gradually. Start with very small weights and finally stop to be shy of this. You do fitness for themselves, not for those who by coincidence is with you in the same room.

2. Give the body time to recover. Between workouts, especially law enforcement, should take place at least 48 hours. During this time, and the muscles will recover, and protein is the main building material of the body will have time to be absorbed from food.

3. Diversify the exercises. Combine workout and loads, only the muscles of the body to develop harmoniously.

The minimum amount of time that you need on strength (anaerobic) training — two hours per week, maximum 5 hours. They need to be broken into multiple times, it is better for four — 30 minutes. The cardio should be given 1-4 hours per week.

Myth 2: you don’t need a Coach

Actually: Necessary

In almost any fitness center when buying a ticket you get 1-2 free sessions with a trainer. To create a complete training program that’s not enough, but in order to understand how things work (in the gym and your body), is enough. The best option would be regular sessions with a trainer under the supervision of a professional you will be easier to achieve your goals.

The alternative — group sessions. You also learn the technique of performing exercises, in addition, program these sessions are carefully designed and has long been tested.

Myth 3 . Workout is just a few hours of activity per week and nothing more

Actually: anyone who thinks so is wrong

If you seriously intend to play sports, you must understand that it will affect all of your lifestyle. Training not only exercises that you do at the club or at home. The desire to move must be for you permanent. To pull muscles after a long sitting, once again to climb the stairs, a couple of kilometers to walk and not to travel in transport, and so on. Yes, at first you have to force yourself, but when it becomes a habit, you’ll start to have fun. Motion is life.

Myth 4 . With sports supplements to the diet you can not think about the correct food

Actually: as you need

Supplements and therefore are called additives that act only as a Supplement to the basic diet. He, in turn, depends on the purpose to which you go.

About the basic principles of nutrition during training read here .

Myth 5 . If pumped up to fly, then you can relax, the form is not going anywhere

Actually: you need to Train constantly

On the one hand, short-term goals well motivated. The closer the time of H, the less likely you are to find a reason to take time off from training. But here lies the trap: you have removed, say, by 1 June of the stomach — and aim seems more to what. But no: many people simply do not understand that without support workouts the belly will come back and all will have to start again. Needless to say that back to its former form is more complicated than simply maintain it.

Myth 6: you can only Do at the gym

Actually: No, but beginners — preferably

Simulators, of course, comfortable. The load is precisely controlled, the amplitude and the trajectory is set in advance. They allow the beginner to do basic movements with minimal risk to harm yourself. But working with free weights has a much greater influence on the body, and the effectiveness of such training is much higher.

To recap: for the initial stage trainers are suitable. But no more.

Myth 7: If there is no money to go to the gym, this is a good reason not to train at all

Actually: you Have to want it for real, and fitness anywhere

The sport is now more affordable than ever, and it is not necessary to engage them in the hall. To buy a basic bench, barbell and dumbbell home possible for almost everyone. You can take courses in martial arts or buy a subscription to the pool. Biking, running, pull-UPS on the bar in the courtyard — a million possibilities. You must remember one thing: an active lifestyle is not dependent on specific location and inventory. This balance is acquired and spent energy and, most importantly, get pleasure from it.