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Training on a treadmill – how to succeed


Any exercise on the treadmill, whether it be walking, Jogging or intense running, will lead to increased calorie burning. Treadmill is considered a leader among trainers, coaching cardiovascular system. Training on a treadmill — it’s almost perfect.


Plus it is also considered that in the short term, you can burn much more

calories than during normal running. These opportunities have arisen due to various levels of tilt and load. Instead of running on a flat treadmill, increase the incline level. This would be comparable to running on rough terrain outdoors. It is recommended to use the slope during each workout on the treadmill. Accordingly, it is desirable in the gym to choose those models simulators, which allow you to use tilt. The coach will help you understand the nuances of control, so you could independently adjust the treadmill.

The speed and variety

Gradually increase the speed. If you are very long been working in the same high-speed mode, the body to these loads are accustomed to, and you will not be able effectively to advance their training.

Increase the rate by a quarter from the previous figure every few weeks

Make diversity training — training on the treadmill does not have to be boring. The diversity of the classes ensures that the body will not be able to adapt quickly to receive loads. If you are on the treadmill 3 days a week for 30 minutes, try to add to the training for 1 day and do 60 minutes, or in 1 out of 3 days (day can change every week) also increase the activity up to 60 minutes. Thus, you not only increase endurance, and burn more calories.

Use the tilt to make your training did not seem monotonous. For example, you can set up a 5% incline and run for 2 minutes, then set a 10% incline and run for 2 minutes, after which, get 15% incline and run in this position for 1 minute. This technique can repeat the exercise several times – the effect is not long to wait.

Don’t forget about the intervals between classes

Use the time between classes. Adequate rest between loads can increase metabolism. Usually 1 day is enough to make your body fully recovered and ready for a new load. Sometimes due to the fact that athletes pay little time for rest, they fail to build muscle – the reason for this is that the muscles do not have time to recover, and new load only aggravate the situation.

Heart rate monitors and water

Use manual heart rate monitors. This will allow you to monitor heart rhythm, and will demonstrate – how many calories are burned per session. The increase in the load will affect the calories you burn – you will see this by looking at the screen, heart rate monitor.

And, most importantly, drink plenty of water before and after class. During exercise is also recommended to do little throats water to wet his throat. Remember that dehydrated the body will not be able to carry the load to which it is capable in good condition. Accordingly, it will be harder to burn calories.

Taking into account the above tips, you can easily achieve the desired results — training on the treadmill will be a great incentive to improve overall health. During workouts will burn even more calories while training on the treadmill will become more diverse – you won’t get tired from everyday life, in sports is important. Try this new approach to employment – will not be disappointed! Burn calories on the treadmill.