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5 reasons to start doing morning exercises


The benefits of the body to exercise, it is difficult to overestimate. However, despite the awareness of this issue, supporters of regular physical exercise in the morning are units. The reason is laziness and the inability to properly plan your own morning to have enough time to do exercise, and slowly prepare for the day. In addition, for many a morning waking up is so complex a problem, then talk about some exercises do not even have.

Between the physical exertion of the morning – a good excuse to change not

only your own body and yourself in General. It promotes a positive mood for the whole day, helps to maintain vitality, increased stress and samodiscipliny.

However, all of the above is possible only if morning exercise is performed with observance of certain rules.

Morning exercise and its effect on the body

Moving from generalities to a more detailed consideration of the good morning exercise for the body should be noted.

1. Thanks every morning regular physical exercise good form, vigor and physical activity persists for many years, since the charge contributes to the activation of protective forces of an organism and the extension of youth.

2. As shown by numerous studies, exercise activates brain cells, and he retains the ability to clearly and to think productively throughout the day.

3. Morning exercises the body adjusts to a particular rhythm, which contributes to the preservation of vivacity and positive until the evening, as well as establishing efficient work of all organs.

4. Exercises performed in the morning, help to develop discipline, self-control, and also make a person much calmer in the manifestations of emotions.

5. Morning exercise, irrespective of their duration, improve metabolism in the body and maintain them all day. Thus, the calories received from food during the day, actively consumed and not “settle” at the waist and hips. This can also be concluded that regular morning exercise promotes weight loss.

How to prepare for the morning exercises

The charge was that is called, without a hitch and deliver the maximum satisfaction, you need to properly prepare her.

It is important that a proper night’s rest mode. Sleep lays down no later than 10pm and get up no later than 6-7 am. Night’s sleep should be deep and calm.

Everything you need to perform morning exercises, it is better to prepare in advance in the evening, and then in the morning do not need to be in a rush to find the necessary things.

Wake up, get out of bed and perform exercises need to your favorite music. Let it be positive, cheerful.

The schedule for the morning should bring only joy and optimism to inspire others to great deeds. You may be pleased with the prospect of Jogging in the Park, or meeting with a friend who will keep the company in the execution of the exercise.

Must reward yourself something for the lift in the early hours — let it be beautifully served a delicious Breakfast, your favorite candy (in reasonable quantities), the smell of coffee with cinnamon, the captivating of elegant mugs.

Rules morning exercise

1. Before you start doing exercises, you need to slowly stretch, getting out of bed and wash your face, and best of cool water – for cheerfulness. Need to finally get rid of the numbness after sleep, before performing exercises, and it may take about 15 minutes.

2. Morning exercises not to do on an empty stomach, it can lead to reduction of blood sugar levels and cause fainting, nausea, cramps. Besides nowhere without food to get energy for exercise, and the effectiveness of the charge would be very low, because the metabolism can slow down.

3. In complex morning exercises should include exercises to develop agility, flexibility, breathing exercises. It is important to remember – the purpose of gymnastics in the morning, it is the vivacity, the activation of vital processes, but does not develop strength and endurance.

Exercises for morning exercises

The suggested exercises are given by way of example, and everyone can choose for themselves their own versions. However, the stages of exercise are considered the best. Can also take note of the complex morning exercises for weight loss, using it you align the process of weight loss and energy boost that will give gymnastics.

1. To start the morning exercises is recommended with a light warm-up, contributing to warm the muscles and prepare them for future loads. In the warm-up includes a rotational exercises for the major joints. To begin implementation best with the head and neck – left-right, nods, then move to the hands, from the rotation of the brushes, then elbow and ending at the shoulder.

You then need to rotate the pelvis and to work on the leg joints.

2. The transition to walking and running at a slow pace for 2-3 minutes.

3. To perform the stretch – while standing, bend forward without bending the legs at the knees and try to touch the floor with the fingers. If possible, pressing my chest to the knees. Then sit on the floor and try leaning forward, grasp the toes.

4. Lie on your back, raise legs so that they went behind his head and pulled his socks to the floor. Then roll over on your stomach, lift your torso at the top, slightly bend your legs and take hold of the ankle. 30 seconds to swing in that position.

5. Finish exercises breathing exercises that can be performed outdoors in the yard, on the balcony. This will help to saturate the blood with oxygen and speed up metabolism. To breathe better through your nose.

To make a belly breath, trying to emphasize it at the expense of “time”. On the count of “two” — to breathe in deeply, hold breath for a few seconds and slowly release the air through your mouth in small portions. At this point you need to strain the wall of the abdomen. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

6. It is important to remember: benefits to the body bring only increasing load. So from time to time need to change the exercises, increase their frequency, amplitude, duration, increase the number of sets and repetitions.

And you do morning exercises regularly? Share in the comments — what helps you to follow the regime?