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We do exercises in the workplace


Change forgotten since the days of the Soviet Union physical activities comes to corporate fitness. Large companies can assist their employees that “charging”, not skimping on costs: invite coaches, equipped gymnasiums, be awarded monetary prizes especially active employees and Vice versa, fine, not too sporty.

But not everyone can boast of such a caring boss. And therefore it is better to take care of himself.

As not to undermine their health, working for the company for a few hours, without leaving your armchair?

And why it is necessary to warm up?

People forced by duty to lead a sedentary lifestyle, quite a lot. Their number is constantly growing and already exceeds 90%. We sit in traffic on the way to work, at work, during lunch, and then again in transport on the way home, home for dinner, watching TV, etc. But if at home we can relax and take a comfortable position, then in the office we occupy a static position. This mainly concerns those who work in companies with strong corporate ethics on everyone’s mind, and maybe even under the gaze of the chief. Yes. there’s not a relax!

Even in ancient times people believed in the miraculous power of the movement. Military surgeon of Napoleon always said that the movement can substitute a different medicine, but no medicine will not replace the movement.

Such workers can lead to General fatigue. Also sitting for a long time fraught with diseases of the spine and internal organs. In addition, vision suffers, because now all the jobs are mostly equipped with computers. Gradually accumulated fatigue and malaise, and, consequently, reduced quality of work and increases the time to run it. Hence the delay in the evenings at work, work in the strengthened mode the next day or catching up on weekends. Even greater fatigue. Vicious circle.

But the most dreadful consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity is – a permanent state of lack of movement, very dangerous for the health.

I hope I managed to convince you in the need of warm-up not only at home but also at work.

Due to all the exercise in the workplace:

– back joint mobility, circulation is restored;

– helps to relax tense muscles and strengthen those that have almost no effect while sitting;

– returns the health, psychological stress is removed;

I want to draw your attention to the fact that you need to choose those exercises that will have its effect in the most tense and tired muscles. Tense will be relaxing, but tired – tone.

It is better to exercise every day at the same time. Thus, the body becomes accustomed to the regime and will be much less tired during work. Before charging you need to ventilate the room air conditioner’s no help, because the fresh air gives only street. Better to spend a few minutes a day with an interval of an hour and a half.

The complex of exercises for charging while sitting:

These exercises are perfect for those who don’t want to attract too much attention of his colleagues.

No. 1. Need to sit on the edge of a chair. Lift your leg to the level of about 30° off the floor, hold on to until then, until you get tired. Then do the same with the other foot. Not be amiss to stretch the muscles of the thigh. This exercise has beneficial effects on direct and vastus, as well as the direct and oblique abdominal muscles.

No. 2. Sitting on the edge of the chair, you need to put on the table hands and to rest in him. Then try to lift himself up so that my legs off the floor. This exercise has beneficial effects on direct and oblique abdominal muscles, thigh muscles, the pectoralis major muscle and the extensors of the wrist.

No. 3. You need to put your hand on the outside of your knees. for example, the left on the left and the right on the right. Next is to put pressure on the leg by hand so as if you want to move. Leg must resist the movement of the hand. This exercise can be done both in turn changing hands, or simultaneously with both hands. I recommend to experiment and to do this exercise, pressing against the sides of the leg, for example the inner side or top of the foot. This exercise affects different muscles of the legs, arms, back, abdomen and chest.

No. 4. Get feet for chair legs and place them shoulder-width apart. Next, on the edge of the table to put his hands and do such a movement, as if you want to get up from the table in this position. But no need to get up, only slightly lift the buttocks over the seat surface. This exercise affects the muscles of the arms.

No. 5. Now you need to take the side of the chair and try to pull myself up with him. This exercise can be done either simultaneously with both hands or changing hands. It is useful for the back and muscles of the upper limbs.

No. 6. In this exercise you will need one or both hands to put under the thigh closer to the knee. Then try to lift the leg, the foot should resist the hand. This exercise is useful for the muscles of the hands.

No. 7. Now clasp your hands together behind the chair. Then you need to cross your feet and a little to raise them above the floor. You must pull them in different directions, as if you are trying to uncouple them. This exercise develops the abdominal muscles and legs.

No. 8. Move to the edge of the chair and hold on to its edge. Now lift your straight legs off the floor and cross them. You need to push your leg that is on top of the leg below. Change legs. This exercise is useful for the muscles of the legs and abdominals.

No. 9. In this exercise, you need to take the front of the chair with one hand and pull it upward as if you are trying to pick it up. You can do both with both hands simultaneously, and by turns. It would be useful to bend it to the back of the chair, to the table during this exercise. This exercise relaxes tired back muscles.

No. 10. Now you need to breed your knees, but not much, but slightly. Next, lower the fingers down and hands pressed together palm to press palms facing each other. Turn your hands the thumbs up, then down again. This is useful for the chest muscles and arms.

No. 11. Take a comfortable position on the chair. Keep your feet at an angle of 90° in front of the chair, the hands should be pressed to the shoulders. Now you need to pull your hands up and feet forward and do these movements in turn. In this exercise involves the muscles not only of legs and arms, and also back, chest and abdomen.

No. 12. Now try as hard as possible to spread his legs out to the sides for the legs of the chair. The arms should be down. Keeping your back straight, bend in different directions. This exercise will help your tired back, and it will be very useful for oblique abdominal muscles.

No. 13. Pull the feet forward and the hands up. Try as much as possible to stretch a few times. This exercise has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

No. 14. Putting his hands under the table, as if trying to lift, make the effort. You can do both at the same time with both hands, and take turns changing them. Experiment! Place the hands on different sides of the table, push with one hand below the Desk and the other at the same time from the top. Don’t forget to change hands. This exercise is very useful for superficial muscles of the back and front groups of the forearm, to the pectoralis major, as well as for two – and triceps muscles.

No. 15. Sit down for a school Desk, i.e. the hands and elbows need to put on the table. Now you need to squeeze your hand into a fist and pressing against the palm of the second hand. To change hands. This is useful for the chest muscles and arms.

No. 16. Now you need one hand to hold the wrist of the other hand and gently pull in different directions. To change hands. You can do this exercise at the same time with both hands. This exercise is useful not only for the muscles of the arms, but also for the chest muscles and back.

No. 17. Reading text from paper, not from the monitor, you need to keep your hands on the weight. It will be very useful for the muscles of the hands.

A couple of exercises for charging standing:

No. 1. Interlock behind the fingers, the legs should be together. Pripodnimaet on tiptoes, placing his hands back as far as possible. Turn to different sides of the head.

No. 2. Now you need to rest her hands on the table. The legs should stand shoulder width apart. Then do 10-15 squats, slowly and calmly.

A few words about breathing exercises:

Breathing exercises can be done separately from other exercises, and at the end of their.

Do not hurry the deep breath, now hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly exhale. Next you need two times to take a deep breath and exhale. And finally a couple of breaths to do it like you do it normally.

Will take care of the eyes:

No. 1. For a couple of seconds, close your eyes. Now go and look at some distant point, for example in a window, hold your gaze for five seconds. Again for a couple of seconds, close your eyes. Now open and look at the tip of his nose, hold your gaze for five seconds. This exercise should be repeated about 10 times.

No. 2. At the end of the exercise above, close your eyes. Easily press the tips of the fingers on the inner corners of the eyes, it is now easy their massage, no longer than five seconds. Take a break in 10 seconds. The first three times is enough. Now intensively blinked a few times.

I’m “sedentary” way of life, besides I have a lot of time at the computer. Tired, stiff back and red inflamed eyes – I know about them firsthand. Doing these exercises several times a day, without being distracted from work for a long time, I provide great service to your body, and it helps me to spend their time more fruitfully in the evening and not feel like a squeezed lemon.

We hope that you and these exercises will also help.