Recuperate after trening
You get a big load during training and then during the competition. This process of receiving the load is constantly repeated serious cyclists throughout the season. This is an area…

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5 reasons to start doing morning exercises
  The benefits of the body to exercise, it is difficult to overestimate. However, despite the awareness of this issue, supporters of regular physical exercise in the morning are units.…

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How sport can make a child of a businessman

They say that sports are important to the child not only physical but also psychological point of view. And it’s true: first, you “pumped” the physiology, and then the brain to curb some psychological factors. Like a pre-launch jitters, which sports learn to live, not to fight. Ability to work with instincts separates professional athletes from Amateurs. And as an athlete (two-time world champion in karate), I can say: sport is not a universal means of nurturing these qualities. He only

structures that are founded by genetics and the environment, of course, contributing to the development of the discipline of achievements”, then it can be very useful in business. In addition, the sport teaches you to play by the rules – also a very important quality for any entrepreneur. However, just as these traits can educate and school, and the pioneer organization, and much more. There is a saying “the Army will make a man out of you”. ‘t do it, if there is no base. With sports as well.

Of course, it should motivate your child to exercise, otherwise the child grows frail and weak. I would recommend slozhnolegirovannyj species. Girls – tennis, dancing. My youngest is engaged in both. Can’t say that pleased with her success in tennis, but I do not strive to do and she Maria Sharapova. As long as she got the basics of coordinated movement. For boys best fit what we used to call athletic gymnastics, that is, a comprehensive physical training or fitness.

Sending your child to the sports section, parents are often confronted with the fact that kids sports activities seem boring and uninteresting. Even various forms of wrestling that is so beautiful to look externally, require monotonous exercises, brushing strokes, which can then be to defeat the opponent. Engage children in the sport because of its thrust to a new easy, but to hold much more difficult. As Vice President of the karate club I’ve often seen instances where children went to the section to 14-16 years, and then quit. At this age teenagers find their classes more interesting for boys appear girls, girls – boys, and so on. If the child threw something one does not matter. Most importantly, don’t let it succumb to the psychology of the temporary worker, when he attended one sport, then another, and then threw everything. But here it is necessary to teach your child responsibility in General. To motivate him (best by example) to achieve professionalism in any direction not only applied to sports. Sport is only one of the stencils that the child imposes on his life. Stencil the concept of “reach”.

However, I would have never wished for their child’s sports career. Not because of injuries is, in the end, costs. Just because I know sooner or later the question will arise: what will you do when you reach your peak? When your term high achievement will expire, and you in that moment will be a total of 25-30 years? Healthy Nagashima forehead, which was all important behind, and all that remains – coaching job. Beautiful area, but not everyone can achieve success in it. Look at football coaches – many of them were the strongest players? Sports should be treated without too much fanaticism, but also without too much indifference.