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Exercises for the neck in the workplace


Unfortunately, most people who spend most of the day at the workplace, do not realize the importance not only of the work itself, but also regular gymnastics-warm-up for the neck. But what is exercises for the neck? It’s the flow of blood, and hence oxygen to the working parts of our body – mind. Often an entire neck warm-up is limited to the morning exercises. And in truth, we all know that doing exercise in the morning, the habit belonging to anyone, but not You personally (it’s a joke!)…

Smeared in the morning, night cream, and forget that the neck sometimes is aging much faster face and facial care why we pay some more attention. Very sad, prematurely withered when the neck becomes a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey total beauty.

Regular exercises for the neck is not only a guarantee of the absence of folds and wrinkles on the neck, but the absence of double chin and salt deposits in the cervical vertebrae. Furthermore it is proved that after a small charge for the neck increases vascular tone and muscle, and, as a consequence, the health and mood in General.

Work – this is the place where we spend much of my time. And usually, it is at work, due to low mobility or poor posture on the body in General and on the neck in particular is the most harmful effects.

First and foremost, is to control the way in which we sit. You need to trace that back was smooth, the legs were not thrown on one another and the main head should not be tilted to the bottom. In the workplace arrange everything so that You would not had to keep his head down, or rotate the neck to the side of the monitor (this is already in adulthood pseudo-scoliosis).

In most schools it is customary to give the kids a short pause on exercises for hands, feet, eyes and neck. There are organizations, especially for rapidly developing modern IT companies, where based on the schedule and workload of employees determined the time for simple exercises (and this is the stroke of a brush in the Smoking room and single squat near the coffee machine). Thus cunning employers care about the health of their employees and increase their performance. Or another example: there are companies, in which it is accepted to massage your neck with each other. This happens roughly as follows: every day, at certain times, employees get up from the table, find a mate and massaging the cervical vertebrae for two minutes, and after, so to speak, deeds, change places. Just five minutes (including up-and-down transitions) on the business day produce a fantastic result. And after such pauses employees resume their work and colorback cases with a completely different mood and health. Note to employer: this is a very good thing and useful way Tim building (touch colleague everyone loves!).

Let’s heavenly vision of the companies that organize health care to their employees. To be honest, we are responsible for your health, wellbeing and appearance. Therefore, you need to acquire the habit to devote just a few minutes of exercise for your precious neck.

There are many different sets of exercises for the neck. What to use, only You can decide. The basic principles that must be followed no matter what exercise You are doing:

— it is very important not to make any sudden movements. This may not only be for the good, but also lead to injuries. In addition to this sudden neck movements themselves are a negative factor influencing the health and beauty of your neck.

— You should not feel uncomfortable and painful. You’re not at school during the lesson always good at sport: gymnastics for any part of the body should be a joy and pleasure.

The most simple and time efficient exercise this “Nose-pencil”. During this exercise, working all the muscle groups of the neck. It should perform first, as it is used for General warm-up neck. All that is required is a nose in the air to write the numbers from one to ten. It is desirable that the described figures have a greater range. Repeat the exercise three times and move on to the next.

“Bite the inside of your nose” – exercise firming neck skin and simultaneously prevent the formation of double chin. Need maximum back tilt the head back and in this position to try the chin to get to the nose and to fix it in 2 seconds. Don’t play hero: as with all exercises, this should not cause pain. “Bite his nose” should be 10-15 times.

And of course the massage of the cervical vertebrae. It not only helps to avoid salt deposits, but also improve blood circulation. Need to pay special attention to the upper vertebrae of the spine and the lower vertebrae of the neck. Do not forget the intervertebral hollows. It is in these places, as a rule, salts are formed. And often, especially in obese people grows small hump (“widow’s hump” that our ancestors were considered to be very very crappy life). Only two – three minute regular massage can keep You from these unpleasant moments and manifestations.

From personal experience I know that the exercises of the neck at the workplace should be given just a few minutes a day. Two simple exercises and massage several times throughout the day and soon You’ll wonder why not done this before. Relaxation effects will be stunning. You will like it! And we’re sure it will become Your new healthy habit.