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Training to compete in bodybuilding.


With the first part took about two weeks, maybe even a little more! During this time I progressed, but not as much as I would like. I still have a month and I am motivated and hopefully will have time podestas to the maximum.

For training I use a diet of BEAM — diet carbohydrate alternation, three day diet no carbs, and on the fourth day, add 100 gr. buckwheat. At first, I will say I was simple, but after a week of this diet started to feel its effect.

Until about 13:00 I feel more cheerful, but comes after weakness, lethargy, feeling of laziness and the head is very hard work. Before lunch the body is vigorous at the expense of sleep, during which he is resting, but it is not enough for a long time and then, due to the scarcity of glycogen, the body begins to suffer.

The brain is generally very difficult to work without glycogen-glucose, which is what I feel, strong relief mindfulness, concentration and feel sleepy constantly.

Often drawn to sweet, but not to such an extent as to break, to spit on training and get drunk every. I still see the target, there is motivation and desire and it makes me move and stay.

As for training with a diet, they have become much heavier than they were before, given that the weight of the work fell heavily. The concentration is more on lifting the weight, and the maximum reduction of the working muscles. Need to feel the full range of motion on each repetition, because the goal is to make quality, rigidity and relief, and for that you need the maximum intensity and the feeling of working muscles.

A good friend of mine said that if he was engaged in the iron (he is engaged in mixed martial arts), he would most likely chose powerlifting, because there is heavier, it is necessary to tear a huge weight, the spirit of competition and somehow — it looks more serious than posing on stage.

Now I understand that to prepare for the competition much harder than lifting heavier weights at 1−3−5 times. Seriously, I don’t want to say that powerlifting is a bad aspect or a light, but I personally feel better to train in the force mode, the maximum lifting weight of 1−3−5 times, resting for 3−5 minutes between sets than sitting on a low-carb diet and to train in an intensive mode resting 1 minute between sets.

I would say that there is such a paradox, as if working on power maximum weight — severe, but in General, training is easier than training when preparing for bodybuilding competitions. I can compare myself, because a lot of time working in power mode and first time now dried to the competition.

As for my form, there are improvements, what is not what, but there! Of course, there are disadvantages to the meat here and there, but to build up time no need to bring what you have. Drying active, diet works fat burning, I see and feel. The photo quality is bad, I’m in the last part, wrote in connection with what is not a good camera, so look at what is. =)

The photo hard to see the terrain, plus my diet includes cheese, which is pretty water retention under the skin, but so far I think its valid to use. Will drop it about 2 weeks before the event.

As for the muscles, I don’t understand they burn or not because on the weights, I can’t take off, and even gain, but fat obviously, since I may have been increasing, I preferred oloju that in theory is not possible! =) Who knows, maybe genetics so lucky me.

There is excitement and no idea how I’m going to pose. Slowly trying to work out the basic poses, but still need to work on arbitrary posturing, here it is, it scares me, because not enough time for that, and there is no one to assess from the outside. Since this has not yet figured out, but I think that may be, I will come up with!

I haven’t decided yet many key details as regards the preparation, but was always planning on going to eat after the competition! =)) I know that many bodybuilders are frustrated and go away for weeks in retrieve, and gorging extra fat quickly.

I will try to avoid it, of course, we are all human, not robots and you want to break away, especially field months of hard dieting, so I think I’ll give myself a good carbohydrate-sweet load, but one day and then move on high-quality food. Good luck to everyone!