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How to choose an elliptical trainer for the home Which best Reviews and recommendations of experts. Rating


An elliptical trainer is considered the most effective device for weight loss involved for the operator. However, not always and not all manufacturers offer the potential consumer of high-quality vehicles.

In this regard, we consider it reasonable task to understand all the intricacies of the choice of elliptical trainers for home use.

How to choose?

The choice of elliptical trainer needs

be implemented depending on certain moments, which we now consider.

The nuances of the choice of the simulator:

How many people are planning to do?

What is the weight of the person involved?

In favour of whom the drive to make a choice?

Smart trainer should be, or plain?

What type of load regulation necessary?

How much space is needed for placement of the simulator?

There is a need to control heart rate?

Above are the most important questions that you should ask yourself and the seller-consultant in the sports shop. Thus, try to consider each point separately

How many people will be involved?

If You plan to get a trainer for the whole family, you should take into account one important point: the ability to adjust the stride length of a cloth device – a particularly important point.

What is the weight involved?

Every trainer has a range of the weight, and therefore, when selecting a device for scrap should pay attention to the maximum weight limit involved for the operator.

It is advisable to choose the simulator so that the weight involved was a couple of dozen less than the maximum allowable limit.

What drive is preferable?

Elliptical trainers come in front-wheel and rear-wheel drive depending on what part of the design includes the flywheel. Front wheel drive models come with a flywheel in the front, while the rear-wheel drive device, respectively, in the back.

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The article (here ) how to pump up the bottom of the pack.”

Select the drive follows, based on personal preferences, through a personal test drive. It often happens that the high people experience some difficulties in the case of rear-wheel drive devices, it is associated mostly with the model

Smart phone or need simple?

Present distribution of technological development allows the use of exercise equipment, stuffed with electronics, “smart” functions and sensors. Comes to the fact that modern machines have the ability to measure in the process of training Your heart rate, in General, to assess the condition

Your body and level of fitness, to give advice on the choice of mode, etc. So it is important to consider whether You need to pay for such functionality.

What type of load regulation is necessary for you?

There are several types of elliptical trainers:




Magnetic are the ability to adjust the load via special buttons on the control panel. Such devices are fairly quiet, smooth operation. Their cost fluctuates in the middle reaches.

Regarding mechanical elliptical machines, they provide for manual adjustment of the degree of stress on the body.

Such models are the most noisy, and their cost is very affordable. Electromagnetic devices are inherent in the most optimal smooth control of the load, in addition to everything they are able to work in complete silence. However, the cost of the latest trainers is significantly higher.

How much space in the apartment You are willing to pay for a trainer?

Operation of any equipment in the home requires adequate space, because the student does not have in the process of training the life in a confined condition. When you buy should give this point of special attention.

Heart rate control is necessary or not?

This quality is not the most important when choosing a trainer, but also attracts attention. In this regard, let us consider this question. When You experience the need for continuous measurement of heart rate, while selecting devices for home use, you should ask the consultant it is the trainers who have specialized telemetry sensor, for example, a chest strap versions.

The majority of today’s elliptical machines provide the possibility of dealing with a person to measure the remote control only while he holds on to grab bars. Thus, to measure heart rate is to escape, which creates some inconvenience in the process of training.

Prices on elliptical trainers

Here are examples of the average cost of modern elliptical trainers, which are now sold in sports shops. It is worth noting that the cost of an elliptical trainer can vary depending on the region where you are selling, and the manufacturer and other factors.

The average cost of a good elliptical exercise machines in Russia:

HouseFit Compact E1.0 – the cost is 6-8 thousand rubles;

HouseFit HB-8166ELL – cost elliptical trainer is within 6-9 thousand rubles;

Torneo Vento C-208 – the price of this unit is in the range of 6.5-8 thousand roubles;

HouseFit HB-8225EL – 7-8,5 thousand rubles.

Elliptical trainers from other manufacturers have a similar cost. So, it becomes clear that to purchase a simulator for weight loss you may not have long to save.

The ranking of the best elliptical trainers

The ranking of the best elliptical machines by price range:

Best elliptical trainer for full loss

Horizon Endurance 3 is the best elliptical trainer out there. The simulator has front-wheel drive, making it convenient for tall people.

Installation offers many useful qualities that are not always available to its competitors of similar effect.

Useful quality Horizon Endurance 3:

Modern technology, which significantly reduces the distance between the pedals, almost zero;

The opportunity the position of the body vertically. The body is strictly fixed in the process of training;

The use of technology that is able to track the trajectory of movement of a person;

The ability to customize the levers under all users of the device;

Low start position.

On the positive side of the simulator is not over, but with their complete acquaintance we tie will not.

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Video of the Horizon Endurance (eng.)

Wants precisely to define the most suitable option of elliptical trainer specifically for their own needs, and also to see a precise features, cost, and other characteristics, can always visit one of the aforementioned resources.