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Preparing for sorevnovanijam

This section is intended for bodybuilders high competitive level. The preparatory period to a specific competition covers the time from 8 to nedel maximum. A. Schwarzenegger distinguishes two varieties of the diet.

The essence of the first variant of the diet is that the athlete training plans peak competitive shape for 8-12 weeks before the event. This kind of diet is based on the constant decrease of the total number of calories taken that from week to week, from day to day constantly decreases to a certain level. Adhering to this diet, to reduce the amount of calories taken there is nothing better than eating low fat. Therefore, by combining a diet with training loads, there is a gradual reduction of fat in the athlete,

gradually more and more emerging parts of the muscles.

The essence of the second variant of the diet is that the athlete your diet is based on drastically reduced the amount of carbohydrates and fats. It is recommended that the quantity of carbonates is not lower than 60 grams a day. Arnold Schwarzenegger advises bodybuilders to stick to such a rigid diet over 4 weeks, otherwise it will be undoubtedly a great loss of muscle mass, impair digestion, In this case, when the comps, there’s one week left, it is necessary to stop on a strict diet and start carbohydrate loading muscles

During carbohydrate loading with every intake of carbohydrates should get about 40 grams of protein At this time, the best quality sources of carbohydrates are fresh vegetables, fruits, small amount of bread, potatoes, rice or buckwheat. Not recommended overeating and malnutrition In these days the food should be held at regular intervals, approximately every two hours throughout the day.

In preparation for the competition period, you cannot drop the body weight more than 0.4 pounds a week otherwise will fall sharply the volume and weight of the muscles, and the desired relief, the athlete will still not be achieved In this regard, the athlete daily at the same time should be weighed

Food athlete on a diet of pre-competitive period should be varied, It must contain him all the necessary components





mineral substances,


In preparation for the competition period And Schwarzenegger recommends that 1 kilogram of body weight of the athlete to respectively take at least 2 grams of protein the Quantity of carbonates depends on the health of the athlete on the degree of preparation of the relief of the muscles that the athlete is currently training In the case where the athlete a feeling of lack of energy, some physical and mental discomfort, the intake of carbohydrates should be increased.

In the last days of preparation for a competition is very important in the regulation of water intake. The athlete must always know that by reducing the amount of water, it thereby reduces the volume of your muscles the Amount of water should be well designed and, if possible, even proeksperimentirovali before important competitions But on the other hand there is no doubt that improvement in the relief of muscle associated with decrease in water intake. The first step for the admission of water, is the transition of the athlete from drinking ordinary water distilled.

Competitive balance is positively influenced by such additional load, like aerobics, running, posing Some bodybuilders for these purposes a bath and sauna, However, it should be noted that this disempowers the body, and due to the loss of minerals the athlete can receive the muscle cramps.

In practice bodybuilding are cases when because of the lack of time to rationally planned preparation for competitions, athletes have resorted to short-term, but extremely strict diet In such cases, the intake of calories is brought to 1200-1500 a day there Are cases that this kind of diet is enough to achieve relatively good relief of muscle at the same time it should be noted that happened is that even with such a strict diet after a certain time is the moment when the metabolism slows, relief ceases to improve, Then the necessary light energy shock in the body, which the athlete must further reduce the total intake of calories to about 900 a day This short-term measure contributes to the further improvement of the topography of muscles of the athlete, then he needs to go back to previous volumes taken calories

In his competitive practice, Arnold Schwarzenegger experienced effect of different diet options and most of them affected the results positively, However, the preparatory period for the competition he identifies separately the last nine days, which he says are key in the preparation form of the athlete. Below we present the proposed Schwarzenegger And the scheme of preparation of the athlete for the last nine days before the event. We assume that the competition will be held on the 8th and 9th days of the scheme, which means that the best competitive form from the athlete must be in these days. Then workout are distributed according to the scheme thus: in the 6th and 7th days of workouts not to do, but only to pose a lot during the day; in the 1st and 3rd days to do a good volume workout on all muscle groups at once; in the remaining 2 nd, 4 th and 5 th days again workouts not to do, and a lot of posing.

In the period covered by the scheme, the athlete must eat a very high quality, but little and often — about every hour. A. Schwarzenegger focuses, on training days, the athlete is required on the muscles of the triceps to do at least 15 approaches.

Several times Arnold Schwarzenegger failed to achieve the desired competitive shape due to the fact that he started to carbohydrate loading on the 7th day under the scheme. He believes that many bodybuilders make the mistake when adhere to a strict diet prior to the 6th day under the scheme. In this case, they lack time for acceptance and assimilation of carbohydrates. Arnold recommends for carbohydrate load of the muscles before competition athletes to have at least three days. Then our scheme carbohydrate loading should commence on the 4th day.

Usually in a day of A. Schwarzenegger eats: Breakfast 4 hours before the start of the competition, consisting of 3-4 boiled eggs, 1 potato, 50 grams of natural goat cheese, glass of orange juice.

Arnold believes that before going on stage a large injection of muscles is not necessary, because this worsens the visual relief of muscle.

A. Schwarzenegger did not keep track of calories taken in the preparation period. His main adviser is the mirror. If he sees that the shifts are not as good as he wants, then he additionally begins to do aerobic workout.

In the last two weeks before competition Arnold adheres to such schedule of training and diet:

Breakfast — 3-5 boiled eggs, 50-70 grams of cheese

morning training

between morning and evening workouts — three small meals based on chicken, fish, cheese, eggs, fish salad,

after the evening session

dinner — fish, eggs, lean meat

Throughout the precontest diet Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking a mega-dose of multivitamins and minerals, as well as capsules micronutrients, specially prepared protein shakes.

During this diet, according to Arnold, the inevitable great decline in the weights on the equipment, because good relief of the musculature on the day of the competition can only be achieved when a large number of sets and reps, the abundance and variety of exercises.

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