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How to recover after trenirovki


For a fast recuperation after a workout, says an expert in the field of fitness Arjun Kulkarni

Tired after training? This article is about how you can regain your strength after an intense workout in the fitness centre.

Note: if you don’t get proper rest, it may lead to serious consequences. Any fitness instructor will tell you that it is important to “rest” after training – this approach will allow the body to regain composure and the

ability of the muscles to relax.

Our body is in the process of training releases large amounts of energy that must be replenished, otherwise it will lead to chronic muscle fatigue and cramps.

So, we present you several key provisions – how to relax, restoring power after training. They are composed of a Indian specialist in the field of fitness, who wrote many articles for Arjun Kulkarni.

How to recover after a workout

Allow time for relaxation of muscles

One class usually work on one muscle group, this particularly applies to customers of gyms. This rule should be followed strictly, and to return to the exercises on the muscle groups that you are already coached, only after a few days. In any case, the time gap should not be less than two days.

Stretching the muscles after exercise allows them to cool. Activated during exercise the muscles come back to normal, this reduces the level of lactic acid, it reduces the risk of cramps at the moment and in the future.

In the process of exercise, your body loses large amounts of water that go through the sweat. This was perfectly capable of drinking plenty of fluids. What should you drink? Along with plain water, experts advise to consume drinks that contain protein and carbohydrates – as you understood it, protein shakes. Eating enough drinks after and during workouts, you can rehydrate the body and thus rebuild muscles.

We are not open to you a secret, if we note that after training the ideal components of food are foods that contain protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates return the energy, protein helps restore and increase muscle. But remember that a large amount of sugar can not only quickly regain strength, but also immediately deposited unpresentable folds in the area of the abdomen. The amount of carbohydrates consumed after exercise, depends on the person – it is all quite individual, so it is best to consult on this matter with a fitness trainer or your doctor. Perfect menu for the meal at the end of sessions will be: hard-boiled eggs and chicken breast.

Minerals and vitamins

Another component which becomes engaged are minerals: sodium, potassium, electrolytes. Manufacturers of energy drinks believe that their products contain all these nutrients in the extent to which a person needs to recover. To purchase these drinks, you can always go in the cafe of your fitness club. However, you should still before use to pay attention to its composition and not to drink more than two cans a day of such beverages.

This is, in General, and the entire list of the main methods of recovery after workouts. Be sure to consult your doctor or trainer about the recovery method, which will be better for you: what kind of drinks to use, in what quantities to eat.