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Elliptical trainer for weight loss the secret of success!


As you know, cardio exercises are excellent for remove fat, therefore, to lose weight and change shape. And among the “rocking” can also be found a lot of good that will provide a good load.

Very popular option that really deserves attention is the elliptical trainer for weight loss. With it you can pull the figure just a couple of weeks. Will tell you about the elliptical trainer detail!

Many argue that this inventory – everything to lose weight, that is, it affects all muscles: thighs, calves, the muscles of the arms, the press and even the spinal. So, if engaged correctly and to choose a good elliptical trainer for losing weight!


There are several that significantly differ among themselves by price, by function, the effectiveness of the workout.

Mechanical is the Most simple, Assembly is simple, therefore the price is very small (compared with other species). Among the advantages of this type it is possible to allocate the price, lightweight, compact size (space), and independence from electricity, which may be for someone important. The downside is that the design does not allow movement in the classroom smooth, as the inventory is driven by the man himself. No choice of programs, i.e. training is not as effective, but it’s still better than nothing!

Magnetic the Price is also relatively small, but more than mechanical of the elliptical (the second name elliptical trainer for weight loss). Plus the fact that inventory is present magnetic braking system, that is, movement and braking is carried out smoothly. Also a definite plus – ability to select different programs, making training more effective. Another difference – quiet operation, which is not in the first type.

Electromagnetic newest, the most modern equipment, with which you can make the maximum load. It involves electromagnetic braking system, which also provides smooth movement during exercise and braking. Management is done using a computer processor, which allows you to choose different load, change it, and that provides the maximum effect. The price is certainly great, but this elliptical trainer for weight loss will help in the short term to achieve results, and will long serve you!

Which one to choose? The answer to this question depends on many factors: the amount of funding the free space in the apartment, the desired result and so on. We advise you to carefully weigh all (preferably to do with someone in order to make the right decision) and only after that to go to the store.

What to look for when choosing an elliptical trainer for weight loss?

There are many factors, among them your desires, but the most important are the following:

The size of the inventory;


The regularity of practice (the more you engage, the better and therefore more expensive should be the inventory);

The weight of the flywheel, which is responsible for smooth motion; the greater the weight, the better the fluidity of movement in the classroom;

Stride length, which should be optimal for growth, so as not to get injured (as a rule, optimal stride length 40 cm for man 180 cm tall);

Frame (preferably aluminum due to its ease and reliability);

Functionality (diversity programs, counting calories, etc.);

Max load (some models indicate it);

Availability and warranty (must be!).

Each of the above factor is important, so don’t miss a thing when buying a “helper” for weight loss.

It is also important in the store to try to practice for at least 1 minute on the elliptical trainer for weight loss to understand is convenient for you or not. So you can buy a product that will best meet your criteria!

How to do?

Some, purchasing this equipment, it is not see results. This can be for two reasons: either bought the wrong “helper” or wrong doing on it. We think that by purchasing you will approach with the utmost responsibility, so now we have to tell you how to exercise on the elliptical trainer for weight loss.

Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes (ideally 45-60 minutes);

You can train 2 hours before bedtime and not later than 2 hours before bedtime;

Engage in comfortable clothes that will not hamper movement;

Drink water during class in small SIPS to avoid dehydration;

Go after at least 2 hours after eating;

Before class, make a short warm-up (jumping, squatting, running);

During your workout, don’t forget to strain the press, and on the belly was a load;

Be sure to watch for heart rate (heart rate), which should be in the range of 60-70% of maximum.

Besides all this, go for smaller meals and do other exercises (running, jumping rope, cardio exercises. power load ), so the result came as quickly as possible!

If you follow all the rules, as well as a responsible approach to the selection of this equipment, then an elliptical trainer for weight loss – one of the best loads!