Denis Semenikhin debunks myths about fitness
  Myth 1: To achieve quick results training must be exhausting In fact: not True Often, beginners tend immediately possible to download your body: try to take too much weight,…

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  The ATP content in the muscle slightly (about 5 mmol /kg wet weight tissue – 0,25-0,4%) and kept at a constant level, since the increase in the concentration of…

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Running for weight loss


Running for weight loss is an effective means of weight reduction, it increases energy and builds muscles, improves the cardiovascular system, helps to speed up metabolism. It can be called the most effective against cellulite. You can run in the Park, on the school Playground, stadium, in small squares and just on any city streets.

Of course, running promotes good health, but the wrong technique it can become dangerous. Every touch of the feet of the surface as a mini-stroke. The shock wave, thus, can spread to the whole body and cause damage that

can be enough to eliminate the possibility of movement. This occurs at the wrong place for Jogging or when you use poor footwear.

Injuries can occur when excessive loads. The right will gradually increase the distance. Better to run on rubber tracks that allow you to avoid injury due to the optimal operation of the medium on the surface of the foot.

Before a run you need to thoroughly stretch your muscles. After that, running is Jogging, gradually increasing the tempo. In compliance with these rules exclude the possibility of muscle strain and dislocation of joints. So Jogging for weight loss can significantly reduce the number of injuries and time to reduce body weight.

This method is useful and enjoyable. You can run with friends. This enables the competitive moment, which will provide the maximum efficiency and quality. Jogging alone can also be enjoyable. You must purchase a good player. Rhythmic or soft music will set the required speed. But if you keep moving like it, then the extra calories will go much faster, because all that is done with great pleasure, always brings far more benefits.

Running for weight loss can be done in the morning. It is necessary before this light snack (such as yogurt). Upon return it is best to take a shower. Such a morning jog good cheer, and the air pollution is less, which has a beneficial effect on health.

Running for weight loss will be effective at observance of technology. The first classes should not exceed thirty minutes. For full body recovery after exercise, you need two days. Thus, the optimal number of runs will be three or four a week. Beginners it is recommended to divide the exercises into two stages: distance and time. The second period is based on determining the time required to perform the exercises and is a continuation of the first. For the first key point is the length of the route. Running stairs weight loss is also an effective way to lose weight. It helps to strengthen the leg muscles and the cardiovascular system. Before you perform any exercise do not forget about the warm-up, which should be given considerable time.

When you see a sharp pain, discomfort should lessen the load. Your running pace should be so quiet that it was possible to maintain a conversation with your friends. After finishing the training you need not to stop, and go another hundred meters at a fast pace. After that, perform breathing exercises. So running for weight loss is going to be most effective and safe. Failure to comply with safety will soon appear muscle pain and extreme fatigue, to relieve which will require considerable time. More dangerous is a malfunction in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, dislocations and sprains.