Elliptical trainer for weight loss the secret of success!
  As you know, cardio exercises are excellent for remove fat, therefore, to lose weight and change shape. And among the "rocking" can also be found a lot of good…

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Denis Semenikhin debunks myths about fitness
  Myth 1: To achieve quick results training must be exhausting In fact: not True Often, beginners tend immediately possible to download your body: try to take too much weight,…

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About food for runners


I’ve been wanting to write about food for runners, I have managed to get a lot of links and notes about this, but not enough time as all obrabotat, translate. And do not want an all in one recording pass. So I will post in parts.

Since I’m a vegetarian, and in the last six months seems to have vegan a weak bias in the raw food diet, and I have a point of view on kind of


Victoria Boutenko calls it fear of dissatisfaction: fruits and vegetables I will not saturate, I don’t hear from them enough pleasure and satisfaction, I’m not happy.. I see it in colleagues. are painful every meal think b is there to eat, where to go for lunch to eat, and where to dine, Ah, I can’t go there, there’s not tasty.

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How to lose weight in the workplace.


Earlier on the radio in the middle of the day passed a special program “gymnastics”. It was specifically designed to allow people to perform a simple exercise, not leaving your machine or desktop

If you have the most time to spend at work, night really hard to force yourself to do. So try to allocate a few minutes for a clumsy gymnastics during the working day. It will not only encourage you but also relieve fatigue tense muscles. Regular exercise will help you lose weight

Fitness at the office, like any other training should begin with a warm-up. The best option — to go up and down stairs or walk a few times along the corridor. Now take a break from work and do some exercises using peroksisomami.

1. Exercise will help to lose fat on thighs In a sitting position with the knee should be pressed against each other. Put your hands on office chair on both sides, at the level of mid-thigh. Overcoming the resistance of the hands, press down on them, spreading to the side of the knee, Continue reading

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